Flax seeds

quick question: flax seeds, should I grind them before eating them(i read somewhere your body can’t digest’em) or can i eating them right away??

Grind them, I use a coffee grinder.

If you don’t have a coffee grinder, an ordinary blender works very well to grind the seeds also.

Also, once ground, the omega 3 oils of the flax seed are exposed to air allowing oxidation to begin resulting in the seeds becoming rancid…therefor ground seeds should be stored in an air tight container (ziplock) and stored in freezer or fridge just like the flax seed oil (once opened) to maintain freshness…note, the whole seeds are sealed in the hull and don’t require refrigeration.

Do you have to grind them to get the nutritional value?

yes…the seeds have to be ground into flax meal to be digestable…the digestive system can’t break down the hulls in the whole seed and whole seeds will pass through the digestive tract…unless you can throughly chew every little seed.