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Flax Seeds not absorbed?

Is whole flax seeds not absorbed by the body? On the package it says “Only a small amount of the nutritional content is absorbd by the body”. And the lady in the health food store said that it basically works as a fibre supplement, just like psyllium. So what about the EFAs, doesn´t the body take up the good fats from the seeds? Enlighten me, please!

You have to grind the seeds…a blender works very well. Your digestive system can’t digest the outer hull but after grinding the seeds, digestion and absorption is no problem. I grind mine in a blender and eat 2-3 TBS per day. Note…after grinding, the seeds should be stored in a air tight bag (ziplock) and stored in freezer or fridge or they will get rancid just like the oil. This isn’t a problem until the seeds are ground where air can get to the oils.

A coffee grinder also works to grind the seeds.