Flax Seed

I have been hearing more about flax seed and am starting to think i need to take it.What are some of the benefits from it and what is a good brand to buy.

two words----fish oil!

IMO, any flax seed will do. You’ll have to grind them, or at least break them, or they’ll come out like they went in.

I put them in a coffee grinder and give them a couple of bursts. If you grind them longer, they’ll turn into a flour.

Flax seed is great on salads, but I also put them in cottage cheese.

I buy them. They taste good, and come ground up and ready to mix.

Apparently they have lots of fiber and healthy omega fat stuff. It’s not the kind of thing that you should worry about, it wont make or break you, but it can’t hurt(unless you have an allergy).

I buy them whole and put them in a blander with my protein shake …:wink:

This seed is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is best to either get the whole seeds and grind them up yourself or you can buy milled flax seeds. This ensures that you get the best absorption of the Omega-3.