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Flax Seed/Omega 3-6-9


Alright well I'm about to go to GNC tomorrow or Monday. I was curious to what I should buy...Flax Seed Oil Capsules...Omega 3-6-9 Capsules...or should I buy Fish Oil...the omega 3-6-9- says it contains flax seed oil and fish oil i think soo would that be my best bet.

I'm not too sure what to get out of these three products ( i dont think im getting my fishoil at gnc either...proabyl somewhere else_ BUT in general which of these 3 should I get...and MOST IMPORTANTLY (sorta) How many do I take??? Thanks.



Fish oil
Whole or ground flaxseed (read: don't bother with the oil)


Why not bother with the flaxseed oil? is there something wrong with the oil? i always have some crushed flaxseeds and also some flaxseed oil in my shakes.


I heard the flaxseed oil and capsules are the same deal, some people just can't stomach the oil. But does anyone know which one I should get..Fish oil, flaxseed oil, or omega 3-6-9 (all capsule form)??? Oh and how many do you take a day..is 2 alright?



I would go with the fish oil (omega 3). You want a balance of Omega 3 and 6, and if you're like the majority of people in the U.S. or western world for that matter you're probably already getting plenty of O 6. Why take more?

THe amount you can take depends on how much EPA/DHA is in each capsule. Standard is probably around 180/120 mg. per capsule. 3 grams per day is supposed to be the low end of max consumption. So that would be @ 10-15 caps. But you don't have to take that many. (Some capsules are 300/200, respectively. Same ratio)


th_underdog is on the mark.

If one consumes anything similar to the normal Western diet, he's getting far too much omega-6 (linoleic acid) cmpared to omega-3 (EPA+DHA from fish oils being the most "potent"). Thus, supplementation usually should focus on consuming the much harder to find omega-3s.

The "plant omega-3, a.k.a. linolenic acid, does appear to have at least some unique benefits, however and ground flax offers the benefits of fiber and lignans.

PS walnuts, for those who aren't allergic, are also a decent source of (omega-3) linolenic acid.

PPS You might want to do a searchat the top of the page for "Practical Fats" or "Good Fat and Where It's At"


Thanks a lot guys, I bought the fish oil. I'm taking 6 caps a day (2 with 3 meals). And thanks for the articles Lonnie.