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Flax Seed Oil ?

I’m curious how to begin incorporating flax seed oil into my diet. I baught a couple pints of the stuff but after smelling it im not sure what i could cook it with or what kind of recipes I could use it in where it wouldnt completely ruin the taste.

I read some post some dude talking about guzzling it from the bottle, so i thought, “hell ill give it a shot.” boy was that dumb, took one mouthful and had a stomach ache for an hour =P

any tips would be helpful, thanks

I used to add it to my protein shakes. I couldn’t drink it straight either.

I usually add it to my cottage cheese meals.

However, before you barf in anticipation, let me tell you a little trick that makes it alright.

Okay, once you’ve got your portion of cottage cheese, dump on about a tablespoon or two of natural peanut butter.

Pour in your flax seed oil. Toss in a scoop of Low-Carb Grow! (chocolate of course).

Excuse me, you’ve got your chocolate on my peanut butter! Oh no, you’ve got your peanut butter on my chocolate! Anyone remember those commercials?

Stir the whole concoction up and you are good to go. I suppose there will be folks with sensitive tastes, but for me the flax oil flavor is completely masked.

Sometimes I’ll throw peanuts in there, for a texture change. Alternately, if I’m not adding oils (or peanut butter) I’ll throw in some oatmeal and make it a P+C instead of a P+F meal.

Oh, I almost forgot, you may want to throw some psyllium husks in there – cottage cheese can be a bit of a binding influence if you don’t! It’s up to you of course.

[quote]vroom wrote:

Excuse me, you’ve got your chocolate on my peanut butter! Oh no, you’ve got your peanut butter on my chocolate! Anyone remember those commercials?


Yep, had that kid from Happy Days in one… he sure looked like he could use some Grow! in his peanut butter too.

I don’t have any fancy recipes for my flax seed oil. I put it in protein shakes, hold my nose, and go. I will note that there is something about creatine, and a little baking soda(half a teaspoon or so) that kind of masks the taste when I’ve used that concoction, but, you just wind up with a strange taste, rather then a downright bad one.

I have stopped using the flax seed oil and only use ground flax seeds now adding them to salads, shakes, on veggeis, etc. They are great on salad and inn shakes. Give fiber and the fats.

When I did use the oil I used it on salads as a dressing with vinegar and spices. In shake and simply down the hatch with a chaser.

Good luck,

Basically I mix a shake, and then i pour 2 tbs of flax seed oil in to a shot glass. Surprisingly enough, 2 tbs fits perfectly into a shot glass with about 1 cm of clearance at the top. Just knock it back and while its still in your mouth take as much protein shake as you can in your mouth and suck it back and then take another big sip of protein right afterwards. Can’t even taste it, and the best thing…NO FLAX SEED BURPS.

Its not patented yet, still pending, but i suggest this for anyone who is going to take flax seed oil.

There’s a cinamon flavored flaxseed oil. It tastes much better than the regular ones. I think the brand is called Spectrum. It’s the reason why I went back to flaxseed oil…

Umm, I take mine by the capsule.

Where do you buy flaxseed oil? Can I get it at the supermarket? Thanks.

[quote]husker29 wrote:
Where do you buy flaxseed oil? Can I get it at the supermarket? Thanks.[/quote]

I got it at Whole Food Market (health grocery store). I’ve seen it at a local health store near here. Check your local health food stores.

It took me some time to get used to the stuff but now i just take a couple of tablespoons and chase them down with my protein shake.

I’ve been mixing mine in shakes, just milk, and on those “shit, I got to get to work” days, I’ve drank it straight (though you’d think I was on Fear Factor when I do).
Finding flax seed oil is usually easy. Alot of supermarkets and most if not all nutrition stores have it in all forms (pills, seeds, oil, whatever else they got). Worst comes to worse…there is always Wal-Mart.

I take mine straight (seems easier than prolonged anguish to me) but I must warn you, don’t get overzealous with it. I was a couple hundred calories under what I needed for the day and I took 3 tbs in 2 hours. This made me vomit the entire night. Peanuts and flax oil do not come out pretty.

Thanks everyone, I think i’ll try the (patent pending)shot glass of flax. Perhaps it’ll satisfy and possible kill any urge to take shots of anything else =) Also seems easiest and sounds good with a nightime low carb protein drink. Carbs early;fats late; right? =)

I set out two glasses of orange juice (you don’t need much in each). I then mix the flax oil in one of them. Then, I shoot it and immediately take a large sip of the other glass (leaving some left). Finally, I take a last sip and swish it around my mouth before swallowing. I do this all while holding my breath. Works wonders. Usually, after this, to really make sure, I go to the bathroom (while breathing through my mouth) and gargle with some Listerine. Also, because of the chugging, I inevitably burp sometime in the next 5 minutes. I make sure to breathe through my mouth for like 10 seconds following the burp and there’s no problem.

Wow, this whole thread seems bizarre to me as I actually don’t mind the taste. I would much rather take flax straight then a quality olive oil.

[quote]Helix wrote:
Wow, this whole thread seems bizarre to me as I actually don’t mind the taste. I would much rather take flax straight then a quality olive oil. [/quote]

I was thinking the same thing! Maybe part of it is an acquirred taste? Years ago, I didn’t care for it. Maybe another part is quality? I get quality, organic, refridgerated flax and find it quite tasty. Then recently I picked up a bottle of Udo’s. Now THAT’s really tasty! :slight_smile:

No no no no NO!
You guys are going at it back asswards.

The trick is to take a sip of the “masking beverage”, keep it in your mouth, and then pour a tbsp of flax in.

Swallow it down all together and there you go: no flax taste.

In a pinch, you can use H2O, but it won’t mask the flavor as much. It’ll still go down smoother.

Liver health and function can vary from person to person. For that reason some people have trouble eating fatty food or supplementing with flaxseed oil. They get an upset stomach. People who fall into this category usually suffer from fatty liver.

The trick is to take your flaxseed oil in smaller amounts so as to not challenge the liver and work up to your target amount. Additionally, I would recommend giving some serious consideration to supplementing with some liver friendly/supportive supps like milk thistle/silymarin or SAMe.

To those of you that aren’t willing to put it all on the line for your size, I know how much of a help I’m not going to be. BUT, if you are dedicated to lifting my advice for taking flax oil is … (drumroll) … suck it up. I understand the discomfort of an upset stomache but that’s not necessarily what I’m talking about. To me, lifting has become and addiction. I work hard in the gym and give it my all because after all, you get out what you put into it. If I’m pushing myself that hard in the gym to get the best gains possible, there’s no way I’m going to waste it because I couldn’t pull it together enough to get over the taste of flax oil… No hard feelings?