Flax Seed Oil

How many daily tablespoons or teaspoons of flax seed oil do you recommend for someone who is trying to get cut-up and how many do you recommend for bulking. I’m 186lbs and I’m at 8% bodyfat. I’m looking to get down to about 6%. I’ve heard you should take flax seed oil with meal #1,#3, and #5. Can anyone give me info. on this. Thanks guys.

Flax seed oil is what is known is a “good” fat. As such it has a place in your diet regemin insofar as making up a significant portion of the fat you have allocated for yourself. It provides the essential fatty acids that Will Brink has asserted in his book Priming the Anabolic Environment will actually assist your efforts at fat loss rather than hinder them. That was a revolutionary concept not to long ago. Fat was always thought to be the enemy of weight loss. We have learned a bit since then and we now know fat loss is no more than a deficit of calories used, to calories consumed and processed. So as you design your diet plan look at a few things, including; 1) your maintenance level of calories and how much you want to go below that (figure going 500 below will get you a lb of weight loss a week as a VERY rough estimate) 2)What % of your diet will consist of fat, what % from carbs, and what % from protein (definately consider a higher level of protein if your goal is keeping your muscle while losing fat). 3) What level of activity you want to maintain while dieting.

Great question Bam-Bam! I would also like to know about this. I’m 180 lbs. 7% trying to get ripped.

Mr.X, I’m a PT certified with ISSA and they have an online question board for members like myself and which Charles Stanley helps us out. He recommended that I take one tbs. with every other meal. I’m currently eating six meals a day.