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Flax Seed Oil

Well, I’ve stumbled upon a large supply of flax seed oil (my grandfather sees no need to be taking it anymore) so since he has a shitload of big bottles of it stored I’ve got all the flax seed oil I want. So since I don’t have to be stingy with my flax oil supplementation I was wondering what you guys suggested as the amount of flax oil I should be consuming each day (Barlean’s Highest Lignans Flax Oil - 9 grams of fat per serving I think).

If it’s old there is a chance it could have become rancid. If it smells different than regular flax than it probably is. Currently I am consuming about 10g of flax a day. I also get in about 15g of fish oil also. Also, flax oil is not expensive so there is no reason to be stingy with it anyway.

Unless he purchased it less than a year ago and has been storing it in the freezer then it has gone bad. Barleans sets the expiration date 4-5 months after its fresh pressed. I currently have 8 bottles of Flax Oil in the freezer, 2 large, 2 semi-large, 2 medium, and 2 tiny guys. Free Flax is nice.

I was wondering if Flax oil and Olive oil are substitutible? In my house we have Olive oil out the wazoo, but I’d have to buy flax…so if they’re equivalent, I’d rather use what I don’t have to pay for :slight_smile:
What’s do you guys recommend as a daily dose of either of them?