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Flax Seed Oil vs Olive Oil


What do you think would be more beneficial to lifting?


Flax seed of course.

Whole flax seeds - Lots of fibre - Useless except that.
Crushed flax seeds - Gives nutritional advantages - poisonous.
Flax seed oil - Gives plenty of vegetarian omega3 / ALA which the body can convert to EPA and DHA, though not very efficiently.

Olive oil - High in omega 9 - Biggest benefit as a vegetarian oil is that it's not loaded with omega6 ruining your omega6:omega3 ratio.

But if you want the benefits of EPA and DHA the safest method is to use fish oil instead, though fish oil + flax seed oil will just be even better.


Well, flax seed has omega-3, and olive oil doesn't (significantly). But flax's is just ALA, which isn't as sought after as EPA and DHA (and converts to them poorly). I think Poliquin said it might have a phytogenic estrogen factor.

They probably taste pretty different too.

Ultimately, it probably matters very little. Go with the one that tastes good.


Just use a bunch of different stuff, it's not a big deal. Use flax meal instead of flax seed oil (or use flax seed oil, I don't care), and then use olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and hazelnut oil every now and then.


Olive oil of course.

Get your DHA/EPA from fish oil.


Oh boho ... That will sure make you a transvestite!

It doesn't even have to femilise you at all since phyoestrogens are much weaker than your natural ones, and you already have more than a woman do (if you're male, and well, don't take AIs or something such.)


So far no reason for why he should opt for olive oil except that flax don't convert to EPA&DHA that good which I've already said.

Depends on the usage to of course, you shouldn't use flax oil (and maybe not olive oil either ..) for cooking, and to take either as a supplement but mostly olive oil is just stupid, eat whole nuts instead in that case, why eat pure oil?


Actually, the reason is oleic acid and I'm a little surprised this "discussion" hasn't ended already.




Some don't want 'too many' PUFAs as well. I tend to add EVOO, and just get omega-3 from fishoil... + EVOO is cheaper, at least where I'm from.


You can't really compare the two because olive oil is mostly monounsaturates, omega 9s which can be synthesised by the body anyway. But oleic acid is very beneficial.

But Flaxseed oil contains the omega3 EFA ALA which can't be made by the body. All those people saying choose fish oil are WRONG!

ALA is a parent PUFA which can be broken down into the derivatives EPA and DHA, but not vice versa. And unfortunately fish oil only contains the two latter forms of omega 3. And ALA itself has many uses within the body, so you're essentially starving your body of a vital nutrient if you don't consume plant based omega 3s.
Use both fish oil and flaxseed if you can, but if only one then definitely flax.


Thanks for all the replies I'm going to stick to Flax




"However, I do limit my flax oil to 1 tbsp per day as there's some evidence that high intakes of flax seed oil may have a negative effect on prostate health. So, I exercise caution and moderation with flax."

Ok I'm done. OP seems you made your mind up so I won't try to convince you further, good luck with your flax. I don't see why it has to be one or the other but whatever.


If you're allergic to fish, whats the 2nd best way to get DHA and EPA?


it doesn't have to only be flax but i am not consuming enough calories a day and i was reading that taking shots of olive oil is a good caloric intake. But i have been told that adding flax is good for fat burning which at this point is my main goal. I don't take fish oils because i eat fish almost every day. mostly salmon.




Firstly make sure it's EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil which is indeed an excellent source of healthy fats.
You want to ADD calories yet burn fat? I wouldn't bother taking it for the purposes of fat burning. If you are taking enough quality FISH oil then extra flax isn't going to help with any "fat burining".

IMO: Go with EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) and limit your flax oil intake to what Berardi recommends.


Hey I appreciate your reply but I am not a moron. I know all about the caloric needs for the day and if you wanna lose weight you need to take in less cals then maintenance. My problem was I was still eating too little of calories even tho i was eating 6-7 times daily and got my 300+ grams of protein. I know you dont know my diet but dont assume im just an idiot.




Good point. But if we're talking ALA, then a daily serving of walnuts is still likely superior to flax oil.

Regardless, we're outside the scope of the OP's original question. (and it was a short-sighted question to begin with)