Flax seed oil question

What kind of flax seed oil do you guys use? im always unsure of what brand to buy cuz i dont know which one has good ingredients or just fluff. thanks

I think it’s all about the same if you’re talking about pure flax and not a blend like Udo’s. The key is freshness. And don’t use caps. You have to use too many and they’re really pricey.

I get mine through the mail from a place called Flora. They’ve been producing cold-pressed unrefined unmodified oils from organically grown seeds since 1985. They had a booth at the Arnold Fitness Expo this year. Their flax oil goes for about $15.00 for a 17 oz bottle.


My wife and I use a high-lignan oil made by “Health from the Sun”. We get it from Netrition, 16 oz. for $10.95. Barleans is also an excellent brand.

The flax should be dated and be stored in an opaque conatiner in the cooler. I use barleans in my shakes and another brand (i can’t think of the name) that has garlic and chili oils on my chicken and tuna. make sure what ever brand you get is cold pressed and the containers are flushed with inert gas. (read the label throughly)

I use fresh flaxseed and grind it into an oily powder in my coffee grinder. Then mix it with the protein. I’m thinking I get the benefits from added fiber as well.