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Flax Seed... Now What?


Ok I got 2 big things of flax seed from a health food store. Brought it down here to the island.

What the heck do I do with it?! I am not on any particular program but just been cleaning up my diet.

I imagine I can mix it in my plain yogurt. How much should I mix in? Also should I grind the flax seed first? I heard if you dont.. ya just crap it out.


Grind it and add it to foods. Shakes , salads anything.

2 tbs is about 60 k/cals of fats and fiber.

I usually will have 2-4 tbs a day if I am supplementing with flax.


Is taking Flax Oil easier?

I take Omega 3-6-9 combo pill a day. Suppose to take 3, but I take at most 2 a day (gota conserve some, US is far away)

Should I still supplement with flax seed in my foods?


Oh yeah.. since I bought a lot, to conserve them I froze them in their containers.

Uh... was that a good or bad thing? Is it gonna mess up anything or is it fine?



The freezer is a great idea and could only help.

Yes you can take just the oils but the great thing about the seeds is the oils and natural fiber they contain. I also find them rather good on salads and in various shakes and other foods.


If you go to the "supplements" section of your health food store (here in Massachusetts we call it "Whole Foods"), you should find a few brands of flax seeds that have been cold-milled (basically ground). Regular flax seed look like smaller and darker sunflower nuts. Milled flax seed are much more powdery and are better for adding to yogurt, shakes, or whatever.


I like buying my flax seeds whole and grinding them in the blender, a cup or two at a time and keeping the ground seeds in the fridge. I add a tablespoon to my oatmeal in the morning and to my Grow! shake at night.

I think it's less expensive to buy the whole seeds and grind them yourself and I wonder about the "freshness" of the already milled seeds.


Just another suggestion on how to incorporate the flax seed into a diet: mix flax seed and wheatgerm with peanut butter and slather on a toasted English muffin or bagle. Quite tasty.


Phill hit it on the head. If you are eating a f+c and f+c meals you can eat the flax during your p+f meal. Also if you have a protein meal or shake before bead you can use the flax as good fat to help slow down the breakdown of the protien overnight.


I prefer the whole seeds. I just eat them by the spoonful (of course, only a couple spoonfuls a day). Once you get used to it, this is the way to go :slightly_smiling: