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Flax Seed Lowers Testosterone?

so ive been eating multigrain bread with flaxseeds and i keep hearing that it actually lowers test? im thinking of stopping it

Multi-grain bread would be one of the last things I would attribute to a decrease in testosterone production. Inadequate sleep/recovery, synthetic endocrine disrupters (e.g., xenoestrogens from plastics), natural aging, a shit diet… Those are much more likely to have a negative impact on testosterone production.

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I have also read flax lowers test. What it seems is that flax is a phytoestrogen just like soy. So it mimics estrogen in the body.

I read that the other day too and it kind of freaked me out because I eat the multigrain bread also, but flax seed is way down on the list of ingredients and I can’t believe there is enough to disrupt anything. It would be nice if they would mention what quantities you would have to consume to get negative effects.