Flax Seed Confusion

there are a lot of terms regarding flax seeds, and now i am confused on how to eat them.
i’ve been eating them preground.
“milled” apparently means the same thing as ground i think.
“hulled” im not sure what it means-either shell still on or off.

what should i be eating? the seeds, or the ground version, or preground, or whatever?


if you are taking them for good fats and fiber you might be better off taking Benefiber (FiberSure, psyllium husks… whatever) and fish oil

you get a better ratio of oils with the fish oil and a better way of calculating fiber with actual added fiber

thanks octobergirl.
i actually am taking them for good fats/fiber. i was thinking it was nice to use both fish oil and flax (ALA or whatever :P)
is there a reason people take them otherwise?

eat them ground up whether you do it yourself or get them milled, also remember to get a tiny bit of saturated fats along with your unsaturated fats for the best absorption. Unsaturated fat alone is not absorbed as well as a combo of both, just remember to keep saturated fat at a low level.

fish oil/flax/coconut oil=ultimate goodness

[quote]nl5kb wrote:
ust remember to keep saturated fat at a low level.

Why? It’ll lead to chronic heart disease?!

sure keep sat fat intake at a low level, if you want your hormone levels to be shit

saturated fat from coconut oil and a non-ridiculous amount from protein sources is definitely a good idea

Thank you cpcloud you are right on. That was my point coconut oil is great and a good source/healthy type of saturated fat as opposed to saturated fat that comes from high fat(low quality) ground beef.

what’s wrong with saturated fat from beef?
fat from beef is almost half half mono/sat

There’s nothing wrong with saturated fat from beef, but I personally try to stick with lean ground beef such as 90/10 instead of 70/30.

let me guess you guys also believe that dietary cholesterol increase blood cholesterol ?

flaxseeds do have to be ground to get full beefit. the best form is to take the flaxseed oil you get the highest concentration of good omegas and make sure its a high lignan one it will help with digestion