flax oil

I bought a good flax oil supplement yesterday and plan to take it post-workout. the flax oil comes in pill form. how many GRAMS of flax oil do i want to take per serving?? 3g?? 6g?? please help

Don’t know how many pills for you to take. I do know that you are suppossed to take 1 tablespoon of Udo’s oil for every 45 lbs of body weight. There is 14.5g of fat in a tablespoon of that and 135 cals.

Jeff, it depends on what kind of diet your following. You really should be counting your calories, so if you’re following a 40/30/30 plan, figure out how many grams you should be getting per day from fat, and take up the slack from your normal diet with supplemental oil.

Personally, I wouldn’t use ANY flax with my post-workout meal. It blunts the insulin surge you get with a high carb, high protein post-workout shake. That is a time when you want insulin levels very high.