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Flax Oil

Ok-I?ve decided to add Flax oil to my diet. Could I get some feedback and some creative ways to use it? How much and how often? When should I not use it so forth and so on? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

You might want to try throwing a table spoon over your rice and mixing it, or mixing it with your salad dressing.

Fish oil capsules are better.

Thanks! I’ll try the caps next time around. I was thinking about mixing the oil with my post shake…

Try it in your shakes and salads. You can put it in your oatmeal and in cottage cheese as well but I don’t particularly like the taste. One to two table spoons a day depending on your goals and energy levels.

You probably want to avoid putting oil in your post w/o shake, actually. Fat will slow down absorbtion, which is not desirable post workout. I would think before bed is a better option.

Good advise…as usual! Thanks!

Flax seed oil tastes like rotten pussy, so find some way to take it down without tasting that much of it. Cook some chicken in a pan with a shit load of onions and garlic and then when its done, put your flax on your chicken and then eat as fast as you can. Works not too bad.

Creative ways to use it? Well, I have always enjoyed coating myself in flaxseed oil and slithering around on the ground like a snake to frighten all the kiddies on Halloween…

Actually, I’ll just do whatever it takes to avoid the taste: oral syringe, mix it with Tabasco, etc.

Am I the only one who doesn’t mind the taste of flax oil? I sometimes put it my night time shake of Advanced Protein and almond butter, but I have no problem just taking a table spoon straight. I think there’s a huge difference in taste based on the brand you buy. I tried Barlean’s once, and that was the nastiest shit I’ve ever had to choke down but I now buy Spectrum that has kind of a nutty flavor that I don’t mind at all.

Drex-o, I use the Spectrum brand too. Tastes fine to me. I could swallow it straight, but I put it in my protein shakes instead. I don’t even notice it.

If your flax oil tastes like rotten pussy, it's probably because it's rancid. Be sure that you buy it from a place that keeps it refrigerated, and look for both a pressing date and an expiration date on the bottle (Spectrum brand has this).

The best way by far is to use it as a salad dressing. Some one a few months was kind enough to post a recipe for salad dressing. I have adjusted this somewhat to taste, but here is the original.

1tbsp. flax oil
1.5tbsp. dijon mustard
2 tsp. balsamic vinigar
1-2pakets of spelenda

Depending how much you like this, I have used it over chicken breast and loved it!

I’m not too creative with it, I either mix it with a shake or take it like a pill - dump the spoonful under your tounge and swallow with a drink of water.

Take a deep breath, shoot it down, and chase it with a protein shake. You’ll never taste it, as long as you don’t breathe through your nose…that’s the only way I can stand it - However, if you take 1-2 TBSP and drop it in 1/4 cup of -gasp- OJ, you can shoot it like a shot and never taste it…not the best way if you want to avoid fructose and carbs…but it works. As far as frequency and dosing, that depends on your diet, meal structure and goals.

Same here Drex-o… same brand too. I actually think it tastes good! I throw it into my protein shakes. I definitely notice a difference not only with muscle building, but with brain function as well. I am no longer retarded. I do apologize for all those for have mentally disabled siblings or relatives or loved ones out there, I was simply making a very off color remark.

No, you’re not the only one, and I actually like the taste of Barleans. As already stated, you need to make sure that it’s fresh. If it tastes like rancid pussy, well, then, maybe you should make sure your girlfriend hasn’t found her own “creative use” for it. :slight_smile:

The girlfriend must have gotten the recipes for douche and salad dressing mixed up again. :slight_smile:

Another option is to use raw flax seed. You have to grind it since the body cannot digest the hull. I use a small coffee grinder. I then dump it into my morning shake. It has kind of a nutty flavor. That way you are assured of getting fresh oil plus some much needed fiber.

Sorry, that was to drex-o, not dave-o.

Udo mentioned the problem with flax is people tend to get deficient in Omega 6s. Yes, he was hawking his product but it is a good one. He also mentioned that the estrogenic chemicals in plastic bottles leech into the oil within thirty minutes of bottling. Dark glass bottles are the way to go, like those from Flora, which markets Udo’s Choice. They also sell their own oils–sunflower, pumpkin, flax, etc.