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Flax Oil vs. Udo's Choice


I think that Udo's oil blend tastes a hell of a lot better than flax oil. That seals the deal for me.



i just purchased Udo's Choice Oil Blend liquid but am unsure how much to take?

goal is mass


Ugh! You drink it straight?

Try putting in a shake or salad dressing and you won't care.


I bought 12 bottles of Udo's. I'm good for a while.


When you guys say Udo's are we talking about the same blend?


I take a teaspoon of Flax Oil every night straight up.


tryin2getbig, you start by calculating your daily fat requirements; .5g x LBM. I count my fat from all sources, including the meat I eat, but give priority to fish oil, flaxseed oil and olive oil. You probably don't need to worry about the percentages and ratios of polys, monos and saturated fat. Just draw from the quality sources listed above, maybe saving a little room for raw nuts and peanut butter in addition.

Short answer? 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of BW.


fitone you must have a pretty strong pallet because that shit is disgusting. ill bet there isnt much that you cant eat.


I've tried both and noticed no difference in performance/body comp/etc between the two. Considering that Udo's costs about $10 more than flax for an equivalent amount I'll stick with flax. I need the extra $$$ for my fish oil. Sorry Udo...


The Udo's I have is a blend of the all the oils ESCEPT fish. However, it contains Omega-3. So is this the same thing as having the fish oil?


I cannot eat mayonaise without gagging, but I have no problem chugging down unadulterated pure flax oil or Udos. :wink:


TTGB, the reason for taking fish oil is to get concentrated/increased/measured amounts of EPA & DHA. If you take flaxseed oil and IF all enzymatic pathways are working correctly (which is not always the case, especially as we grow older), 25 to 33% of flaxseed oil is converted to EPA/DHA.

It's best to draw from both sources.


this stuff is digusting. i put 1 teaspoons ina 500ml shake and i still gag.


Two points - one, 0.5gxLBM for everyone is a very cookie cutter recommendation. Not everyone has the same requirements and the exact same recommendations for everyone is overly simplistic.

As well, do not discount the importance of saturated fat. Too much polys and monos is also a mistake. I'll get the Lipid Guru herself, Ms. Cassanova, (who has been educating me on fat ratios) to chime in here with some serious knowledge bombs (as Timbo would say)


I swear I'm the only one around here that eats an Anabolic-type diet. Anyone else with me?!? Let's tie up all these plant-eating guys and roast them for dinner! bwaahahahaha.



i use spectrum i think and it's refridgerated at raley's. taste like sunflour seeds to me, i take a spoon full straight, or i throw it in my midnight shake with almond butter and casin.


Lipid Guru? Cool.(I'm sure my thesis supervisor doesn't think that, but hey, I'll be the t-mag lipid guru)

Anyways, percentages of fatty acids are important and should be taken into consideration in order to optimize health and body comp. We've all heard how too much saturated fat is harmful, well, not ENOUGH saturated fat is also harmful. As JB said in his article this week and as I'm saying right now, an equal proportion of mono/ poly/ and saturated fat is most ideal. Every cell in our body is composed of lipid, and dietary lipid influences the structures of the cell membranes. Too much saturated fat will make these membranes rigid and can impair cell signalling and receptor function. However, too much unsaturated fat (monos' and polys) will make these membranes more susceptable to peroxidation.. i.e free radical damage which leads to disease, early aging, and DNA damage.

I've been analyzing many individual fat intakes lately, and I'm seeing a trend. Even though we're all trying to be HEALTHY, some of us are taking it too far. These diets are too high in mono's and polys and too low in saturated fat. The typical fat intake comes from olive oil, almonds, beef, and salmon oil . Now, you all might think, "But beef has saturated fat in it?? wtf?" Well, beef is actually an equal amount of monos to sats and when the rest of the diet is mostly mono fats, the saturated fat found in the beef is not enough to make the ratios equal.

The most significant healthy sources of saturated fat are milk fat, coconut oil, and nuts like bazil. Now I'm not saying here to go insane and eat these things like a certain someone on this forum used to promote. I'm saying to add this as PART of your diet, or use it to replace some of the other fats. This way your ratios will more closely approximate equal levels.

Back to the topic of this thread, Udo's and Flax have similar qualites, but Udo's does contain some fatty acids that flax doesn't, such as the GLA and the MCTs. If you don't like (or you don't use) Udo's, you can get the GLA from hemp seed oil, evening primrose oil, or borage oil. The MCTs are found naturally in milk fat and coconut oil in small quantities, but it is probably about the same amount that you get from Udo's.


If you're using fish oil do you really need Flax Oil or Udo's?


I used to take Udo's all the time but now I use Lemmons Oil. Anyone else out there that's tried this stuff? I think it tastes better than Udo's and according to Don Lemmon, it's health benefits are better than Udo's.