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I’m trying to add this supplement to my diet and so I purchased a bottle. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to consume the liquid, when, and how much per day? I am currently trying to gain weight. I am 5’7, 29 yrs of age, 165 lbs and climbing, and 9-10% bf. I went on Mag-10 for two weeks, taking two or three weeks off and then back again for another cycle and am having a great experience with it. Also, if anyone has any experience with the product “gel cutter”, please let me know if you think it is effective? Thanks,

do a search this topic has been discussed before.

I either mix it in with my protein shake or drink it staight out of the bottle. As for how much flax to consume, I consume about 15g of it a day which works out to 3 teaspoons a day. For example, I usually follow a 40P/35C/25F macro breakdown. I add up all the fat in my meats and protein shakes and then add in flax, olive oil, and fish oils to meat my needs. Currently I am consuming 15g of flax, 15g of fish oil, and 15g of olive oil. Hope this helps you out.

I guess you bought flax oil because you know most peoples omega 3:6:9 ratios are out of whack. 15 grams (3-4 teaspoons) a day is a pretty good amount but assuming after 6 or so months the ratio between 3s and 6s is better in your body it will then be worth switching to hemp seed oil and fish oils which have a healthier ratio closer to that ideal for humans than flax. As to how to take oils theyre great on salads and as was posted they’re good in protein shakes too.

I just use a tablespoon. I usally have a protein shake “chaser.” Make sure you do not cook with falxseed.

Am I the only one who’s horrified that this guy has used MAG-10 but doesn’t even know how to supplement with flax oil?


Yes, and he actually has to ask about “Gel Cutter.”

How to consume: ingest, swallow, digest.