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Flax oil replacemnt in fat fast

after buying all of the rest of my supps to prepare myself for fat fast im nearly broke and cant find a local place that sells flax oil, so I was wondering if there was any good grocery store oil that contains a sig. amount of good fats, btw im also taking fish oil caps. so flax might not be as much of a necessity as before, safflower maybe?


If you’re taking fish oil caps, then flax isn’t neccesary. Take one or the other. Either Flax or fish oil will increase your omega-3s so you can speed up your fat metabolism. I’ve used fish oil caps (only) on Fat Fast and I did fine.

both walnut oil and grape seed oil are higher in omega 3s than most other oils–and you can cook with both (at moderate to mid-high temps)–if you have a Wild Oats or Whole Foods in your area you should be able to find flax oil–any health food store would have it as well

As far as what’s available at regular grocery stores, extra virgin olive oil is the only kind of oil you should even consider consuming.

how about using the seed, its like 1.85/pound

I just bought 200 X 1 gram flax oil gels caps at Wal-Mart for like 8 bucks.

How much fish oil caps do you take per day?