Flax Oil Question

I just started taking flax oil a few months ago. I’ve noticed that as I get down to the bottom of the bottle the taste gets awfully bitter, which has led me on a few occasions nearly to puke, even when holding my nose. Have any of y’all ever experience this before? The current bottle I’m on has been open for four weeks, more or less, so is this perhaps a sign of the oil oxidizing? I’d greatly appreciate any help I could get.

Your flax should still be alright assuming it’s refrigerated. Do you shake it before pouring? I hate the taste alone, but have found that LC Grow is by far the best MRP for hiding the taste of flax.


I was wondering the same thing. The flax I was using was yellow and when I got to the bottom it was black and smelled awful. I mixed mine with protein so I didn’t notice if it tasted different.

Flax oil gets old and oxidized (rancid), especially if not refrigerated. Flax oil is very unstable and will oxidize easily once opened and exposed to air, especially if not refrigerated. Keep refrigerated and use up within 30 days after opening or toss.

Sounds like you have high lignan flax and you’re not shaking it before you pour, leaving a bitter sludge at the bottom of the bottle. The “regular” variety shouldn’t give you this problem, or you could just shake the stuff up.

Yeah, sounds like the high lignan flax for sure…I stick a spoon or something in there and stir it up so it doesn’t clump too bad on the bottom, and then shake it like crazy before every time I pour some out (it will be almost black if you do this).