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Flax Oil Powder


Just wondering if anyone's had experience with flax oil powder developing a bad smell/odour after a few months of use. Is it known to go off?

Bought close to 4lbs of flax oil powder and I think I've used it for the last 2 to 3 months but developed this smell over this past week causing me to throw it away.

Any specific storage instructions for oil powders? I kept mine on a high shelf, enclosed shelf. Thanks.


Omega 3's do go rancid quite quickly. Fish oils last longer in the fridge.


Cool. Thank you. I seem to recall Poliquin mentioning something about this with flax.

The second batch I used was okay. I'm thinking of changing over to MCT powder next time. The only reason I use powders for this is meal/shakes on the go. At home it's some form of oil or nut butter.


I imagine it smelled decently bad when it was still good and fresh too.