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Flax Oil at bedtime?

I am starting to take flax oil and was wondering about taking it with my serving of Advanced Protein just before bedtime. Is this a bad idea? I am trying to follow John Berardi’s recommendation to have meals that are either carbs and protein, or protein and fat. My last meal of the day is about the only time that I don’t have any carbs with my protein. Right now my daily fat intake is fairly low and that’s why I want to add in some flax oil to my diet. If I do take it with a meal containing protein and carbs what is the maximum number of carbs to have with it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

yeah, taking it before bed will be fine. thats when most people take it. i think john said to stay under 5g of carbs for protein and fat meals and vice versa for protein and carb meals. i’m not possitive though.

Hey, Nic, I’m pretty certain it was under 10g of carbos for protein/fat meals…but I think the question was more about the max number of carbs for protein/carb meals…really there isn’t one, and JB has mentioned several times that it’s an individual thing and you’ll just have to test the waters. I’ve heard several fellas say up to 125g of carbs.