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Flax oil and advice

I’ve just started taking EFA’s, I started with fish oil (3grams of epa/dha)about to go up to five grams of
epa/dha and would like to add flax but I don’t know how much to take.

I’m currently on T-dawg 2.0 , wiegh 189 (I’ve lost about 6lbs. in last two weeks).I’ve noticed that if I keep my carbs at stated levels my caloires run short.Protien is at around 240-280grams.
I currently using the ripped and rugged routine.I’m trying to lean out before Air Force bootcamp. ( I leave march 11)I’m also taking tribex,M,glutmine,an ECA,cla,and low carb MRP.

I would be thankful to any advice I recieve.


P.S. sorry for lack of detail (I’m at work.)

Use the flax oil to fill in your fat requirements. First, get your fish oils in and split the rest of your fat requirements with olive and flax oil. What I do is add up all my fat from all my meals and then add in the EFA’s to fill in the rest of my fats. Hope that helps. And if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.