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Flax Bread?

JMB talks mentions flax bread in his article. What exactly is it? I’ve never seen any before myself.

It’s simply bread with flax seeds in it. It’s good stuff. Way better than regular wheat bread. Two slices of the kind I buy gives 4 g pro, 8 g fat and 43 g carbs. You should be able to find it in most grocery stores.

It’s cardboard in a bag!

There is a hot cereal call “Red River” it comes in a ready to serve pouch as well, not sure if it is available outside of Canada.
protein-4.9g,fat-2.2,carb-24g it is made from wheat & rye flakes as well as whole & cracked flax… used to hate this stuff as a kid,we never got those sugary cereals, but guess mom was right! …go figure.

Stop in at your local health food store and you’ll probably find it. I know most of the ones near me carry it. If you want a bread that tastes better and is probably the healthiest bread you can eat (no flour or gluten, just 7 different sprouted grains), try Ezekiel bread made by Food for Life.

Wouldnt this go against massive eating guidlines? Carbs fat in the same meal?

Jude, JMB says the p+c meals can contain some fat and the p+f meals can contain some carbs. In his original massive eating article, he sets the limits at 5 g fat (for p+c) and 10 g carbs (for p+f), however in his recent update he changed the fat limit to 10 g. Perhaps if Mr. Berardi catches this thread he can clear this up.

If you want a specific example, John outlined a diet for me which includes flax bread. The meal was for my non-training days(it is included in my breakfast) and the flax bread (1 slice) replaced the flax oil (1 tbsp).

This may be a question for John-- Doesn’t cooking the bread destroy the “good fats” in the flax? Also, don’t they use the whole seed, which goes right through you without the benefit of absorbing the good fats? Does anyone else know about this?