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Flax and Fish Oil

Is it okay to have multiple tablespoons of flax per day? The recommended dose is only 1 per day, but Berardi’s Massive Eating sample meal plan calls for quite a bit more. Second, how do you all like to have your flax? Do you take it straight? Mix it with your protein powder? Lastly, if I want to pick up some fish oil capsules, are there any brands that are easy to swallow? I can’t stand horse pills.

Hi, Chris. I take my flaxseed oil straight. I’ll pour it over a chicken breast, add it into my eggs, drizzle it over salad or add it into a protein shake. Much better than pills.

No problem taking multiple tablespoons of flaxseed oil. I always recommend at least 1 tablespoon per 50 pounds of BW.

Hell, yes, take the flax oil. We get omega6 oils in just about everything we eat, and since flax seed is one of the very few foods that still contain omega3, i think it should be a staple for everyone who can tolerate it. I follow the 'massive eating’so for the 3 P+F meals a day I add about a tablespoon of flax oil (and a teaspoon of olive oil) to it, whether it be chicken or tuna or lean beef, then add aboth six meals a day, should include and then the same for my protein drink before bed. I find it works well for me and makes it easier to get that 1:1 ratio of omega6:3.

Yes, it is fine to take more than 1 T per day. The total amount depends on your overall caloric intake and overall fat needs, so it will depend on the individual.

I mix my flax with low carb grow - Grow is the ultimate flax oil neutralizer.

J-Cross…You’re not crappin’ about Grow’s Neutralizer potential!

Mix a tablespoon of flax, two tablespoons of water and a scoop of chocolate (Low-Carb) Grow together. Oh, man.