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Flavors of Surge?


Which flavors of Biotest Surge have you tried?

I've had Root Beer Float: Borderline Delicious

and Raspberry: I'd rather sip Tequila

I'm curious to what you think about the other flavors, I'm almost ready to order a new container.


The original tastes great. It's like a liquid angel food cake (sounds gross but trust me it isnt). The chocolate is one of the better chocolate flavored I've tried. But give any of em a try


I would drink Chocolate Surge all day if I had enough.



Still to try the other flavours, other than original.


Chocolate is my favorite so far.


I've only tried original and raspberry, with raspberry eeking out a win as my favorite flavor. I'm hesitant to try the other flavors since I don't know if I'll like them or not.

It would be cool if Biotest sold a little sample pack with 1-2 servings of each flavor. That way we could decide which ones we each like the best.


I love original.


Original is awesome.

Raspberry too sweet.

Chocolate is also delicious.

Can't decide if I like chocolate or original more.