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Flavored Plastic

Check it out…flavored plastic. Seems like a bad idea. The company website is http://addtheflavor.com/index.html

Below are some excerpts from an article on yahoo and the company website.

Can you make flavored plastic? That was the question that led Corey Capasso to do some research and eventually get help from Tim Osswald, a University of Wisconsin plastics expert, to achieve his mission. They created a plastic capable of emitting flavors, including raspberry and lemon, that can be used to sweeten everything from baby pacifiers to water bottles.

The venture, called Add the Flavor, will sell flavored plastic pellets to manufacturers. As he waits for his first sale, Capasso says Add the Flavor has received four letters of intent from several manufacturers interested in the new technology since the first sales efforts launched in May 2008, and he plans to break $1 million in sales by the second quarter of 2009. As for safety, he says the plastic conforms to FDA guidelines and is the same type used in toys and food packaging. Now a senior at Wisconsin studying finance, Capasso says balancing the company with homework comes down to energy management: “You have to know what needs to be done and what it’ll take out of you.”

"PolyFlav: Adding the Flavor to Plastic

PolyFlav is a plastic resin, which contains added flavors within its molecular structure that are slowly released by diffusion to its surroundings. The polymer functions as a carrier and the flavorant diffuses out from the polymer to the surface. Also, the flavor will give off the natural scent of the utilized flavor. PolyFlav is used as a masterbatch or as an additive."

Hmmm… Did you watch the video on their website? The flavored sport-bottle caps would be cool. The applications of this stuff is endless. I want to see flavored mouth-guards!

I like it.