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Flavor Suggestions for MAG-10 and Metabolic Drive Bars


The liquid flavoring used to mask the horrible taste of CHY is great....but even greatness can be improved upon.
One of the things I personally miss is when Surge Workout Fuel had a lemonaid flavor. I actually still have some left, and I mix that in with 2 scoups of MAG-10, add in a capfull of grape liquid flavoring, and that is the bomb!

What about a chocolate liquid flavoring....as a break from the fruity flavors?

I was wondering if Biotest was considering adding more flavors to the mix....lemonaid liquid flavoring would be fantastic.

With regards to the protein bars....truth be told, I'm getting really sick of the cookie dough and the chocolate chunk. Way back when, there was a great peanut butter flavoring (similar to the FINiBAR taste) as well as a "lemon" flavor. Really wish those were back.


I also loved the lemon lime flavor on the SWF. would love a liquid flavoring of that.

I would never want chocolate liquid flavoring to be honest.


A better berry one (the one right now tastes... well, I don't know, not good)
Cookies and Creme
Anything else. I just want more than three options! Or at least bring the berry up to par, it's really not very good, IMO.


Agreed. I think I remember some Rocky Road ones too


Old lemonaid Surge workout fuel was amazing...

I believe I've heard protein manufacturers say that a citrus/fruity flavor is needed to mask the bitterness of CHY, so they are probably a little limited as far as liquid flavoring goes. Maybe like a watermelon flavor too?


I couldn't agree more. I can't stand berry. I would like to see a lemon lime as well.

On the topic of changes to the liquid flavoring, I would like to see the artificial coloring removed. That stuff is super potent, and spilling it on stuff can leave a permanent stain. I don't really care what color my liquid is, as long as it tastes good. I think adding color is unecessary.


I like the color but tone it down. way to much. ever look at the MAG-10 after its mixed before adding the flavoring, its nasty looking. but reduce the coloring to 1/10 of the current level.


Wow, I remember the old PB and Lemon flavored protein bars! I loved the Lemon Ones, but I don't think it's a very popular flavor in foods. Lemon Cake is high up on my list of bakery items, but I always get "Seriously?" type looks when I order it -lol



strawberry-kiwi? blue drank? tropical?


Oh, Blue Raspberry would be good.


Please bring back the peanut butter bars.