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Flavor/Seasoning While Dieting


I have been looking everywhere for this kind of advice. what does everyone use to flavor their food while they diet?

Should this change in the last week of dieting pre-contest? i heard somewhere that 1 week pre-contest you should stop having seasoning or falvor at all!!!

Currently I use - low sodium soy sauce, reduced salt tomato sauce, Wiscestor sauce, sea salt, black pepper, mixed spice, chilli powder, splenda (on oats), garlic salt - in various combinations on my chicken, tuna and steak.

if im struggling i will also have low fat mayo on one of my meals. like a tablespoon or so.


Mrs dash- no sodium & plenty of different flavors... lose the salt ( even sea salt), soy sauce & worcesteshire sauce -all will make you retain water...


Not sure why sodium should be an issue for anyone unless you are sub 2 weeks out from a contest but I end up putting Frank's Red Hot on everything. Walden's farm has some pretty good non calorie products as well.


Yeah, IMO people who are picky about sodium and not a few weeks out of a contest is ridiculous and overkill.

Even when dieting.


I love masala and tandorum, they are awesome asiatic spicy spices


hot pepper/chilli sauce - little calories and big flavour!


I season my food like I always do.

Ask the guys fretting over spices to post a picture of their progress.

This is shit you worry about weeks before a contest...and even then they are usually playing with sodium by taking it out and then adding it back in.

You don't worry about shit like that if you can't see veins on your abs in my honest opinion...unless "seasoning" means a whole stick of butter.


Unless you're a week out from a contest I would not suggest a major reduction in sodium intake. Sodium and potassium are vital for a healthy physiology, and there are new studies that suggest the old low sodium guidelines set out by the ADA are poorly implemented - new research shows that particularly people that weight train may need MORE sodium than the 2,300 mg per day suggested now.....


Especially if the weather's freakin' hot and we're sweating like pigs in the gym.


I like hot sauce and lime juiceon chicken and burgers


key limes make everything taste amazing


Come on Man...unless your 1 week out from a show please enjoy your food! There's no need to avoid a good form of Sea Salt seasoning on all your meals. If your training hard your body will put the sodium to good use anyways. No need to worry about these "minor" things unless as mentioned you are cutting water for a fight or show or something.