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Flavor of Surge?


So a very simple question. I'm about to reorder another Surge, having gotten Raspberry both times prior. What other flavors do you guys recommend? What is your favorite? What does "original" taste like? I can't imagine ever having tasted the flavor "original" before (my taste buds and brain are a bit confused currently with the thought of that) so a heads up would help.


Angel Food Cake.


Best flavor = Chocolate.


What does angel food cake taste like?


It is moist, tender, not overly sweet and ethereally light.

Fuck; Just buy a tub.






Chocolate and original are the bests




I wish they'd bring vanilla back. I miss it. I like Original but I liked vanilla better.

I'm not a chocolate fan in general but everyone loves chocolate Surge so much I'm almost convinced to try it.


every flavor tastes like powdered sex. You really can't go wrong.


hopefully not anal sex. I'll pass on that flavor thanks


I loved original until they changed the forumla to the finer powder. Now I dont like it as much and when I order the next batch it will be chocolate which I have never ordered before.


A lot of people have said this, but all I notice is that it mixes more easily. Why do people not like the finer powder?


32 ounces of water + 2 scoops chocolate Surge = Yoo-Hoo.

Root beer. ::sigh:: Glad I still have two tubs left. :slight_smile:

Very sweet angel food cake, like JN said. I like original, but I love the other flavors.


ok, so far, it is:

chocolate - 3
original - 2
vanilla - 1
anal sex - 1

all of them apparently tastes like powdered sex apparently. I think Ill get original, was never that big of a fan of chocolate in general.


I'll chime in for the original. I wasn't too fond of the chocolate. The flavor was good, but it just isn't anywhere near as good as the Original.


I really enjoy Rootbeer, but maybe thats because I have like 9 tubs from when they had their going out of stock sale, and thats all I have had in like 4 months.

Like the others, chocolate is delicious, raspberry is ok, but cant have it consistantly, and original is nasty, in my opinion.


Because it tastes a little different,nothing to do with the powder consistancy.New stuff has a more "artificially sweetend" aftertaste. I used to crave the OG original Surge. It smelled and tasted soooooo good.


i have to always have at least 2 different flavors on hand at a time to alternate. i love chocolate and raspberry the best, but if i didnt alternate them i would probably throw them up in the curling station