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Flatulence (farting)


I have an issue with farting. With all the healthy food I'm eating, lots of protein, beans, some milk and cottage cheese, I have to release a lot of gas.

Do you have the same issues? To be honest, it's tough to have this issue in a corporate environment. In addition, if I hold it in, I may cause serious stomach pain. I think my belt also restricts my stomach, which exacerbates the problem.

Any supplements that I can take? Should I lay off dairy? Any suggestions from "fellow farters" will be helpful (I feel like counseling group!)Thanks,


yeah, i fart alot too, the key is to keep moving so no one can track the smell to you.


I'm not sure - how about Beano? You may want to check out some vegetarian forums.


this is hilarious! man, I do fart alot too.. so does my girlfriend! and sometimes we try to out-stink each other! haha! good times..

You might wanna look into which protien powder youre using as well, I have found that different brands give off less gas than others, other than that, its all I got!


Broccolli is the main culprit for me I have found.

Beano actually does work, but it only works for like 2 hours for me. Gas-X doesnt do a damn thing in my body.


I have the same problem as you, the belt cuts off my flow. Short of wearing suspenders (lol), I loosen it up a bit when the gas comes, so that it moves. Then I can take a shit and get rid of the whole smelly business.

If that doesn't work, and apple or something fiberous helps to push it along.

This can help too:


hello there... today my breakfast at 8 was as follows;

*250ml egg whites AND 2whole omega-3 eggs (drank it after pasturisation)
*2 slices brown bread
*1 slice reduced fat cheese
*50g almonds
*2 fish oil capsules
*an apple

Total: 900kcal

an hour later i went to the toilet and to be subtle.... i geuss i must have only absorbed less than half of my very expensive breakfast :((((
what can i do... is there anyone with the same problem... i mean i went to the toilet immediatly after i wokeand before i eat anything so the second time it must have been my breakfast.... is there anyone with the same problem



Yeah, I have the same problem. And the thing is, protien farts are heavier than air. While a normal fart will come and quickly disperse to the winds, these protien farts linger and follow you, leaving a wall of stench.

I am cluesless as to a solution. I just try to excuse myself and step into another room. I know that this is not always practical. Maybe get a dog so you have something to blame it on.

I know I am not alone on this one; the smell of your own farts is amusing. The worse it smells, the more pleased with yourself you are. Something of similar quality could have come from somebody else, and you would be gagging and leaving the room. But from yourself, you will not budge, and just sit there and quietly chuckle. Okay, maybe I am the only sick and wrong one here, but I highly doubt it.


man u cracked me up soooo much I work for tommy hilfiger here in london only on the weekend and the other day i farted and MAAAANNNN... and the worst thing it was near the kitchen and it small stayed it wouldnt budge...the funny thing is this italian fat dude fabio got blamed for it i couldnt stop laughing about that shit for daaaays... i feel you brother it is like a mushroom cloud or something... i am sure we could commercialise this stuff and sell it as some sort of alternative power gas or something.... imagine how much money we could save....lol


That's the same technique I use. And, when I'm at home, I blame it on the kids.


Thats amazing.

I blame it on my dog.


I'm on the anabolic diet. I never fart between Monday and Friday. Then it lets loose on the weekend.


I fart alot too, but i dont see it as a problem, more like a gift. I am sure your fellow co-workers have gas too, they are just waiting for someone else to let it out so that they are more comfortable doing it. My suggestion is if you have to fart let the people around you hear it. Chances are they will soon join in.


While I know everyone farts, I am leaning towards frequency and severity as a combination of ones nutrition and their individual ability to process what they consume.

I have from a personal level consumed all of the standard alleged offending food Broccoli etc. And do not fart any more or any less.

On the other hand I had a ex girlfriend who Farted enough I want to use the phrase constantly she was very fit did not have a overly clean diet nor a diet consisting of a lot of the offending foods. But she did fart alot as a matter of fact when we first started dating she said to me I hope you don't mind a girl who farts because I fart alot, I would never have imagined how right she was.

(Not that it matter but is funny She had a big bubble butt and her farts were a real flutter blast sounded like a auditorium bursting into applause.)


every 2nd or 3rd month i run through a bottle of probiotics. definitely keeps things running smoothly.


Do you think its better to fart with more frequency, or less often with more intensity?? I'm trying to gain some farting strength and want to know which way to go.


I'd win on the first try, because my farts would kill a girl.


Damn good post.....LOL!!!!

I am in the same boat. I was mixing all my protein shakes with milk. This was killing me.

I have changed over to water and I'm okay, but still a lot of gas.

Damn I love T-Nation.....



Tip for y`all: Never, ever, mix egg protein powder with pineapple juice.

I went down in history the only time I tried it.


It's all in the delivery, man.
1. The shotgun- Act like you're racking a shotgun, raise it to your shoulder, and Boom! let it rip.

2.The Goal- Lift you're leg and crank the elbow back like Mario Lemieux just shot the winning goal of the Stanley Cup.

  1. You da man!- Turn to someone real excited like, pointing both fingers, and instead of shouting "You Da Man!", bust one out that will shatter thier eardrums.

These are just a few, but there are a million of 'em. Timing is important though, so practice a little before you try them on co-workers.

Good Luck!