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Flat Soled Dress Shoes?


Does anybody know of any dress shoes with a flat sole?

I wear converse most of the time mainly for the flat sole. They feel great.
And I always train barefoot.
However, barefoot or chucks are not exactly work appropriate, and they don't exactly go with a suit either.
For work, I wear dress shoes. But every dress shoe I find has a heel to it. And they all suck.

Links would be great, but if you take a picture of yourself holding up the shoe that works too. I'll even tell you your body fat.


^ No advice but your ending was funny. Good luck. I wear boots.


Flip flops? All my Nepali co-eds rock suits with flip flops. Flip flops is all these people ever wear, even if it's 40 degrees outside.


Dude, go ask women where you can find a nice pair of "flats."

To my knowledge, most men's dress shoes do not have flat soles. And I have a lot of dress shoes.


Oh! Actually, you are likely to find flat soled dress shoes from designers who do NOT usually put out (hah) conservative styling dress shoes. i.e., if you go with one of the traditional dress shoe brands, you won't find flat soles (likely not). Go with a designer who put out some flat soles as part of like a limited collection or something. They tend to not do super conservative designs but still look dressy.

Some of those sailing shoes (I forget the brand) look dressy and have flat soles.

And try using Zappos at least to look for the shoe.


Try some ballet slippers.


search for "men's driving loafers".....if you're going to wear them with a suit, i'd get them in penny loafer style...but, I don't know how suitable they are if you're doing a lot of walking

as Ponce said, you could look for boat shoes..sperry top-siders..especially if you're just wearing khakis or something. they still have a "heel", but it's a tiny one at that..prob half an inch


Yeah, I wear loafers with khakis too, but my black wedding/funeral shoes still have a heel. Don't like it.


Uh...real men wear heals? Stop being a bitch? I unno, that's all I got. I wear heals (hunting boots, cowboy boots, dress shoes) almost every day.




Nah, boots are great, they're so... solid. Heels only suck on dress shoes. Maybe vibrams should come out with a line of them.


Be a trend setter and wear boots with your suit or as dress shoes. Fuck it I do but I am in Texas.


Bruno Magli or Salvatore Ferragamo, you will not go wrong with either of these. You will look almost as good as me.


^^ When I saw that MaximusB had posted last then I knew we'd get the right answer.


These might do the trick. Bacco Bucci Timonen - $215 at Zappos. How "dressy" do you need to be?

X2 on what Max said - Bruno Magli has a nice driver-style loafer with almost no heel, about $350 at Zappos.


Bacco Bucci makes a nice pair that I tried on once. Ferragamo as well.

If you want semi-casual, take a look at Pikolinos but make sure you get a nice pair of insoles (those with a raised bump in the center). The leather on Pikolinos is awesome.