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Flat Shoes for Wide Feet

I’ve got wide feet. Not super wide (not EE), but wide enough so that most shoes feel a little narrow in the toe. I’m looking for a zero-heel, thin-soled training shoe that’s appropriate for deadlifts, squats, and sprints. Chucks are too narrow, as are Puma H-Streets. I’ve tried Vibram Five Fingers but they don’t fit my toes right.

What do you wide-footed guys use for training shoes?

I use moccasins:

(the soft-sole version, and I cut the fringes off.)

I have 4E feet, so the width of your feet will not be a problem. I did need to get 1/2 size larger than my normal shoe size, partly because they don’t have half-sizes, and as it turned out, the next full size up was just right, so my normal size even if it were available would have been too small.


Leaving the fringe on would prove that you are at an even higher T level (and more bad ass) - kind of like the song “A boy named Sue” :wink:

To OP, I wear top sider type shoes to do deads and squats. Not worried whether the curlers and lateral raisers at the gym are offended…

Beach shoes. I’m serious. You want either the “Aquasock” type that Nike makes or even the shit they sell at Wal-mart.

Their almost like ninja slippers (no offense to any ninjas on the site) or ballet slippers. There is almost no sole to speak of & there is some great grip since they are designed to be worn while kayaking, walking in the surf, etc. Suitable also for other lifts, like the DL, etc.

Lots of room as the upper fabric material is usually really stretchy. Too bad you cannot fit Vibrams or Frees comfortably. I have WIDE feet as well but I guess not as wide as I think they are.

Started off squatting in them when I started lifting & they are/were fantastic. Almost like the Five Fingers, Nike Frees, etc. but cheaper.