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Flat Lumbar - Intense Sciatica!

Hi there,

I have “posterior pelvic tilt” which is either the cause of or causes a flat lumbar spine. This results in the vertabrae not functioning properly (twisting, compressing, etc.) and intense sciatica. It has been going on for about 1.5 years with no real relief. I’ve been to doctors, physio, chiro, and osteopaths with no result. The article “Hips Don’t Lie” (below) was informative but has not really helped … Does anyone have any advice?

Should I battle through the pain and work the muscles to strengthen the opposite forces acting on the posterior pelvic tilt?


  1. if no one has a gun to your head, never ever ever move into pain: that shuts DOWN performance having the opposite effect of what we try to achieve.

  2. most of the stuff you’re talking about experiencing most of the time has some relationship to movement. The thing about roberston’s piece is that it’s movement as biomechanical. But movement is also somato-sensory, thus neurological, thus more potentially than muscles involved.

  3. chronic pain is different than acute pain. low back is a great example of that difference.

So i’d strongly encourage you to see a movement specialist/therapist who can look at you in motion, and help you work out your stuff. baring anything truly uniquely weird it is totally possible to get back to pain free function.


phd, cscs