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Flat-Incline Bench Around $350


It seems like every bench I look at is either <$200 and junk or costs $500+ and makes my cheap-ass cringe.

Is there something moderately priced that's well-built?



I picked up an extremely nice commercial Icarian/Precor bench for $300 from a used equipment supply company near me. It retailed for over $1000. It’s a weird color scheme (white with brown pads, wtf?) but it’s built like a tank and has absolutely 0 wobble in any position in any direction. It’s worth it to keep an eye out for deals like that.


Sadly no, Yes the sticker price sucks but think in these terms. One might be tempted to cheap out and get the minimum to save $. Then the bench won’t be worth a shit and maybe you get hurt because the cheap ass adjustment pin shears off when you’re doing heavy board presses. ( happened to me) now you’ll be out the $200 and have to now spen $600 for a good bench. Do yourself a favor. Buy the INVESTMENT. Buy nice or buy twice… whatever. I have an EFS bench that’s held up exceptionally well and looks almost like the day it came off the freight truck.
Another thing is the EFS benches and others, are the same height and width of competition benches. This will help you train with stuff that you would use at a meet vs some gym bench that’s 24" tall and your feet dangle off it like some kid in his daddys easy chair. Or one that narrow and messes up your benching.

Shop around. there’s deals out there to be had if you are patient.


Yeah dude, be patient, and wait for a good deal to come your way for a piece of equipment that’ll last you. Cheap stuff isn’t worth it when you’re trusting the physical well-being and safety of your body to it day after day.


Craigslist and some patience will work wonders if you’re in a semi-populated area and/or willing to drive a bit.