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Flat-Footedness and Orthotics Soles


Hello there.

I read an article on BreakingMuscle the other day - "Orthotics Will Cure You" where a certain professionel preaches about soles not being neccesary in 95 % of the people who are flatfooted. I am having trouble with my knees and I am not sure about what's causing it. I also have some trouble with my left shoulder, impingement and shoulderblade dysfuntion.
But to spare you all the details about my nagging injures I want to get straight to the and ask if anyone knows of a rebah specialist in NYC who specialises in sports injuries?

I know the article isn't the best, but that's not really of any importance here as I just want to get like a full lower body check - see if everything is in allignment, what are causing dysfunctions etc etc.

I hope the above has shed some light on what my inquiry is.

I'm from Denmark and will be in NYC september 27th to the 4th of october.

Thanks in advance!


The green super feet insoles work well for me in everyday shoes. For training I still use chuck’s with no problems. Get something designed for running for cardio purposes. Inov8 195’s work well for me.