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Flat Foot Fixing

Hi all

Does anyone have any experience repairing a fallen arch/flat foot?

I fractured my patellla squatting a few months back and it was determined that my patella wasn’t tracking right due to me having a flat foot on that side.

The Physio assured me it was only muscular and could be fixed BUT seemed to know nothing about how to fix it so just sent me on my way.
I have looked on the internet and only really found the ‘short foot’ activation exercise and then a follow on paragraph saying once you have activated it it’s time to strengthen but then it doesn’t say how!

Also does anyone recommend I wear an insert in my trainers on both sides (so I’m not just having it in the flat side) when squatting and deadlifting etc because at the moment my ankle rolls in and foot pronates under load in a squat etc

Any guidance would be appreciated guys thanks :slight_smile:

Just wear the custom inserts to support your arches. Problem solved.

Use what’s at your disposal.

I have a very hard time believing people can strengthen their arches to the point to where they don’t buckle under a heavy squat. Maybe so, but I dont believe it.

Get quality custom inserts, and consciously work on not letting your arches collapse. This is what I’ve done, for my knees and maltracking. I’ve had significant progress in my healing.

I would agree with IronOne. Wear your orthotics if you have them, if not, purchase a pair of Superfeet Green and wear those in your athletic shoes. You can get a second pair for street shoes.

<--------- Not a Dr.

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Those are the exact ones I have, and also have the short brown business shoes inserts too. Love them. Changed the way I walk. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t use orthotics to ‘solve’ this problem. Do you want to be dependent for the rest of your life?

Walk around barefoot more. Wear flat shoes with thin soles. Be mindful of your feet, the muscles in them, how they move.

Make sure to activate foot muscles that are sleeping. Play around with all the movements that feet can do, find the muscle memory, find stability.

Pronate, supinate, bend, flex, up, down, in, out. Everything. Your toes also. Walk around on your forefoot, walk around on your heels.

I hope you see why this approach is superior, and that it goes well for you!