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Flat Foot and Shin Splints


Both my feet are flat, but my left foot is flatter. In my left foot, not only are the longitudinal arches flat, but so is the transverse arch (the arch just behind the ball of the foot). That’s probably why I have a Morton’s neuroma in my left foot, but not in my right.

Recently, I’ve noticed aches and pains in my left leg I don’t have in my right leg: shin splints, an ache on the inside of the knee, and an ache in the lower part of the hamstring. I suspect the root of these problems is in the sole of that foot.

It seems like I need to get a new orthotic, since the one I have been using must not be doing its job. Are there any other approaches I ought to look into?



Do you have good insurance? If so go to foot doctor, the 50 buck deductible is worth it to me.
I am flat footed and walk alot in factory job , i had planter fascia this fall , after buying studier work shoes and experiments with insole has gone away.
My chiro did some hip adjustments that worked.