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Flat Feet, Cause For Concern?

So, this isnt technically an injury, just slightly uncomfortable, but could see becoming an issue in the future, I figured this is the best place for this thread under those circumstances.

As the title implies, I’ve got some wildly flat flippers, comically horizontal pieces of shit. Like… they suction to the floor.

Well today, I was squatting (300x9, PR, just wanted to pat myself on the back for that real quick) and by that final rep, my feet just ached. And while this isnt the first time, it was certainly the most noticeable.

Most noticeable points being the red arrow: dull ache, but very specific to that circle.

Blue arrow: dull ache, but it ran up my leg a bit and the ache faded out as it got higher.

Now this subsides almost immediately, but it’s a bit of a focus breaker under heavy load.

And short term solutions? Long term? Easy? Hard? Thanks!

Congrats on the PR! I threw away a pair of brand new (not expensive) shoes recently because they made my feet ache in the red arrow area. Though I did not lift in said shoes. Anyways mine hurt bad enough I taped my foot around the arch to lift. It was a quick fix and solved the problem.

Don’t know about the blue arrow. Ankle mobility?

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The tape might be a quick fix for now. And my ankle mobility isnt the best by any means, but I’m thinking since my arch is completely collapsed, that under load its causing that part to almost… buckle? I’d say over stretch really. I feel stable, just a very dull pain there. idk. Just looking for off the wall insight. I’ll try the tape thing next week and see if theres an improvement!

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There’s also arch supports that are shaped like bands, that have a bubble of sorts specifically for creating an arch. I have no arch in my feet at all either, and just pop those bad boys in my shoes any time I’m doing stuff, and then just kind of make-shift reinforce them by folding a thinner sock in the band for when I lift.

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Not uncommon. My feet hurt regularly from handling heavy loads. The best thing you can do is wear appropriate, well fitting shoes. The heavier the loads get, the more important this becomes.


what do you wear on your feet for squats now?

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Currently, nothing. I feel unstable in shoes, and bare feet, while arguable more uncomfortable, makes the overall squat feel better

Thumbs up for the cat in the photo.

Google Youtube for the gazillion videos with exercises to help with flat feet/fallen arches. Pick the ones you can do sitting down. Every time you’re on the throne, multi-task with these exercises. Long-term, should help, it has for me.

I’ve got pretty bad fallen arches that used to cause me a lot of pain. My GP referred me to a specialist that made me some moulded insoles, and now I have no problems.