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Flat Feet and Custom Inserts


My chiropractor tells me I need custom inserts for my flat feet. They cost over $200.

I'm wondering if anyone has done this, and is if really worth the extra expense than just going and buying an arch support insert from a shoe store.


You have more than one chiropractor? Exactly what problem do your chiropractors tell you the flat feet are causing?

When I was a kid, a podiatrist had me wearing those useless things. In my late teenage years I started playing basketball. The arches of my feet developed and the ankle bones repositioned themselves (I play defense on my toes). I lost half a shoe size, and have had the smaller shoe size and higher arch ever since.


World of difference. I had/have a problem with hyperpronation. I tried the Superfeet insoles that were about 30 bucks but they didn't fix the problem. I had custom insoles made and they are great, my feet feel great when running or hiking. My doc was telling me that if you are a little bit bigger (200lbs+), are active and have alignment issues you generally need more support than the over the counter insoles provide. My insurance covered the cost of my insoles, but with the pain in the foot, ankle and leg I was having I would have paid for them.

Good Luck


Well you can try out the over the counter arch supports and see if it corrects the problem. If they don't get the job done then you can always get the custom kind. If the problem isn't severe, often the OTC arch supports will work fine. Just make sure that you pick up a quality product, Superfeet and SOF sole make some pretty good supports.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm getting fitted 4:00 tomorrow for them. My insurance probably won't cover it. Depends if my Doctor says it part of my preexisting scoliosis. But if it will actually help my feet, I'll pay. I spent more on electronics last week.


it will hurt the first couple days, but custom is the way to go, im 280 lbs, had the same issue about 5 years ago or so, used these insoles for 2 years and I dont use them anymore and i have been good ever since. just make sure to purchase shoes with good arch support after that or just throw in a cheap pair, anything to keep them supported a bit more will help keep them there. dont wear ur shoes till they rip apart, alternate shoes too. I wish i could alternate but finding reasonable shoes in size 16 with a 4E width is tough and pricey...


I got mine custom made from my chiro about a year ago. The over-the-counter ones were useless. I hade to play $500 (CAD) for them, but they're worth every penny. I found if I didn't wear them when squatting, it would screw up my alignment and I'd always injure my back.


Flat feet eh! when I was a baby I had to wear some sort of arch thing to bed. Didn't work, now I'm told I have hobbit feet or I am called LGP (low ground pressure) Oh well being 5'7" with size 12 eeee feet I just tell people, "ya know what they say about big feet!"


For my 2 cents I have Flat feet. Because of this I have a modicum of Pronation my doc prescribed the same inserts at aprox the cost you listed but I have found a more functional alternative is through NIKE they make running shoes to counter the pronation with low, moderate and high pronation correction this alone has corrected any problems I ever experianced and because they are running shoes the extra cushion and rebound protects the flat soles.

Since I wear running shoes most of the time the times when I do wear dress shoes or tactical boots it doesn't really seem to bother me.


Over the counter soles don't do anything. Pay the money.


yup, and they wear out quickly


I've read all the feedback, and am even more glad I am getting them soon.

I did a search on the forum for how to build my arches, and I think in a year I will not need them.

My feet have always hurt a little, but it only got bad last summer when I started to wear sandals. With the routine I found in the forum combined with support from the insoles, I will fix my feet.

I love this site.


Sorry but I don't think you can fix your feet. Please show the routine you are refering to. There are a lot of stupid doctors that spread misinformation.


Building up the muscles in your arches may or may not entirely solve the problem, but do you doubt that this is possible? As I said before, I did "fix my feet" through exercise. My ankles, which used to over-pronate to a disturbing degree, are now very solid and stable. Years of wearing arch supports did nothing; a few months of basketball did wonders.