Flat Chest

I need a little help here. I’m making great gains in all areas except my chest. My chest seems to be staying quite flat. I’m doing incline barbell press, flat bench decline bench, peck deck flys, alternating with flat bench dumbbell flys. I’m also using dumbbells every other week instead of barbells. I just can’t get my chest to blow up. I get a good pump but it doesn’t seem to be growing. Could I be using too much arms in my benching and if so, how can I get more emphasis on my chest. I’m doing 4 sets of 8 - 12 reps alternating with 4 sets of 4 - 6 reps about every 3 weeks with heavier weight. Any ideas on this? I have one other question…What’s the deal with “andros”? You read one article and they say they don’t work and you read another article and they’re the best thing happening. I’m thinking about trying Andro Poppers after my Mag10 cycle. Does anybody have any insight on this? Thanks for any help.

you are doing too many chest movements. You are overtraing, and that is a major reason why you are not growing. Just flat bench for 6 workouts, then move to the incline, and then move on to another mov’t. Stick your chest out and pull your shoulder blades together. This will help keep your shoulder in the socket and put move emphasis on your pecs.

As for andro poppers, they contain some useless androgens with estrogenic side effects (i.e. dione) the two diols are the only ones worth trying, besides 1-AE, and you are getting plenty 4-androstendiol in Mag-10. Any androgen is a synthetic hormone, and should not be used when recovering from a Mag-10 cycle…that time period should be truly “off”