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Flat Bench


Alot of people told me that flat bench is a bitch titties producer. Is flat bench really necessary?


Thats a first?
I dont know about anyone else but Ive Flat benched for 15 years and I dont have bitch tits? Gynecomastia is refered to as bitch tits and is a side effect of steriod use, however steriods is not the only way to get bitch tits, its pretty certain that pounding out reps on your flat bench will build your chest without giving you bitch tits


um, no, massive use of anabolic steroids with no use of anti-estrogens or PCT is a "bitch titties producer".

Only working horizontal pressing movements, without any type of incline work, will quite possibly lead to an over-proportionatly developed "lower" chest, but it will be far from what is considered bitch tits.


If I had a gun I'd shoot you in the foot =D j/k. They don't give you bitch tits, and don't worry if you see your chest getting too big, I don't that will ever happen, all you have to do is neglect them!

I get that a lot, people want to exercise because they don't want to get "too big"--somehow everyone who doesn't workout thinks it's easy to get as big as a bodybuilder =D overnight.

I actually had someone say "I don't want to work out my abs with weights. I don't I want to end up having a huge six-pack like Hulk Hogan" and he was talking about the "Hogan Knows Best"-retired Hogan.


Be careful this guy did lots of flat bench......


No bitch tits,but flat benches do place a higher amount of stress on the sternal portion of your pecs and depending on your structure,muscle insertions and bodyfat levels some guys develop man boobs from flat benching.A good but not great exercise that gets way too much attention.