Flash's training to be a beast log

Kinda felt like the old one was getting stale, so making a new one. Following a ws4sb based set-up with plyos and sprint stuff for DE lower work. End of year goals are 365 squat, 285 bench [all benching is done flat backed with a shoulder width grip unless specified otherwise], a 42" vert off of the run all while maintaining sub 10%bf and weighing between 175-180.

To recap, had knee surgery in February and caught a virus a few months ago that my strength still hasn’t recovered from. All time bests are a 315 bench, 405 squat and 41.5" vert off of three steps. The Lift #'s were done at about 190 and the vert was in the low 170’s.


ME Upper-shoulder width bench-barx10,95x10,135x8,185x5,205x3,225x3,235x3,245x2

Nuetral db inc-85’sx8,6,6

C1]CS Rows-70x3x10 C2]RD Flys- 15’sx3x10

db shrugs-100’sx3x10

alt db curls-35x8,40x8,45x6 [I think]

nuetral grip push-handle push-ups-41

Good workout. Benching flat backed is harder. The nuetral inclines were heavy. The goal is 3x8, then 3x10 and jumping 5lbs. Played ball with my workout partner for 45 minutes or so before lifting. Put a couple of dunks down, but no vids. Those are coming manana.
Here’s some 'til then-