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Flash's Project: 45'' Vert, 315 Bench, 405 Squat & Stay Healthy


EDIT: Goals are in title. Turned 30 last week and realize I want to be at these numbers again. Vert was never measured above a 42-ish, but why not aim high? Not gonna do any plyos, just focus on getting stronger and playing ball 2-3 times a week. This is what worked in the past and I abondoned it for a variety of what I now realize were dumbass reasons. Also gonna foam roll and stretch daily. Once I reach these goals I'll change the title. Gonna take the rest of this week off and pick back up on Sunday.


Your new goal is to dunk from half court.


I endorse this goal.

Looking forward to the new log WF. Sweet dunks. Looks so easy lol


Haha, I'll work on it just for you Ct. Chocula.


Thanks Greg. It's weird man, I can catch 2-handers pretty easily no matter how my knee's feeling but it's like my body has a governer and it won't let me get past a certain point if my knee's buggin'. I promise some better dunks both off the lob and with the ball once my knee feels better.


Pushed yesterdays workout to tonight 'cause I had a gnarley stomache ache from some bad half & half in my coffe. Kept me up til about 4 am pissin' out my ass. Felt like shit all day, but got in there anyhow. Read a DeFranco article on incorporating olympic lifts and %'s, so did something like that tonight.

5 minutes on bike, Upper warm-up

Hang clean into push press at 70% of max hang clean[225 right now]-barx?,95x?,135x?,155x6x2 [obviously super easy, just wanted to "prime" everything and focus on form. Have gone as heavy as 225 for a triple in the past, but right now could probably max 205 for a duece]

Elbows tucked nuetral db bench [feet of floor]25'sx10,50'sx8, 75'sx3x9 [way harder than I expected. Holding your feet in the air and tucking your elbows makes this difficult as hell] + nuetral grip chins- 4x10

rope pulls-3x12 + 1-arm pushups-3x8

preachers + skull crushers

Felt awful but glad I got in there. Gonna do some mobility stuff tonight and hopefully feel good enough to play a little ball tomorrow and maybe run some sprints. Y'all be good.


Ordered the starter band package from Texas Strength Systems earlier in the week and they came today. It's a pair of super-minis, minis and small bands. Looking forward to using 'em this week.


Been awhile since I posted. The last month and change has been pretty crazy to say the least. I'm back in Houston now and ready to resume training consistently. I don't start my new gig until Friday, so I've been sleeping until about 10am the past few days which has been awesome. I eat 3 meals a day and try to get some snacks in inbetween, but sometimes that doesn't happen. The meals are the same thing probably 85% of the time. Bodyweight's right at 172lbs right now, and would like to get it up to 175lbs. I'm naturally lean so staying that way is pretty easy. Have been super sporadic the last month and a half or so due to moving around the country, time constrainst and a pinched nerve n my shoulder that led to shooting pains in my left thumb if I moved my head too far to the right. Feeling pretty good now so I'm getting back to it. Last night didn't get to the gym 'til about 9:30, played full court ball for an hour then did ME upper-

2-Board bench with pause- barx2x10 [to chest], 95x5,135x5,155x5,185x5,205x3,215x3,225x3,185x8 [all reps paused for 2 count on boards]

Neutral cable row- 150lbsx4x10 + Inc db's-35'sx?,70'sx8,8,6

Clean into strict press- 95x3x8 [these were exhausting more than anything] + underhand band pull aparts-3x10

Cable curls-3 or 4 sets x?

My goals are still to bench 3 plates, dunk 2 hands from a standstill again, do a chin-up with 135lbs around my waist and parallel box squat 405 all at a bw of 175lbs. I'm pretty close on the dunk and the box squat, a bit further on the bench and not sure on the chin. A legit bw snatch from the hang would be cool, too. Gonna play some ball and try and sneak in some short sprints tonight. My back is super stiff [still] from driving halfway across the country and back so probably gonna chill on dunking, but if I get a wild hare I'll post something. Y'all be good.


Oh yeah, here's what I ate yesterday. This was a bit different from normal as I don't normally eat out unless I'm on a date, but it just kinda worked out like this.

Breakfast- 4 jumbo eggs with bell peppers, 3 pieces bacon, 1 1/2 cups [ish?] oatmeal

A good friend had a baby and went to chill with him yesterday and ate some steak and veggies while I was over there, but nothing excessive

Lunch- Subway footlong chk breast on flatbread with with a bag of baked lays-

went to the gym about 4 hrs after this

after gym had a shake with powdered gatorade and protein powder

went and had 3 beers with some buds and had taco cart beef tacos during this

pb sandwich and glass of milk when I got home.

Lunch is usually 2 large chicken breasts, 1/2 cup [pre cooked] rice and a shit ton of veggies, and dinner is the same but big piece of fish or steak instead of chicken. Snacks are anything from fruit to mixed nuts or a pb sandwich, shit like that. Each of my 3 main meals has close to 1,000 cals and if I'm getting snacks in that's another 500+ throughout the day, so I'm at about 3,200- 3,500 cals daily.


You gonna keep this log going this time or what?


Haha. Yessir, that's the idea.


Nice... wheres the dunk vids homie?


They're coming broham, just give me a little time. I've put down some fairly nice dunks recently, but haven't caught 'em on cam. The next vid I post will be something new and better than the last few fa sho.


Played ball for close to 2 hours. The gym I went to tonight had a whole court, but there was a giant support beam in in the middle and one half was kind of cockeyed to accommodate it, so we ran half. No sprints tonight. Gonna do ME lower manana [for the first time in close to a month] and will try and get some dunk vids before hand. Don't start my job until Friday and I'm going fucking nuts with nothing to do.

Food for the day-

Breakfast- 4 jumbo eggs, bp's, 1 & 1/2 cups oatmeal

mid morning pb sandwich

Lunch- 2 chicken breasts , rice, veggies

gatorade during ball

Dinner- 3 medium pork chops, rice, veggies


What're your goals right now? Are you looking to add a little weight? Drop a little weight? Hit some strength numbers? Whats the deal?


I'd like to add a few L-B's, but like we were talking about in your log I feel WAY better at anything below 180. I'm 172 right now, and am planning on getting and staying around 175. That seems to be where I feel and look my best. Also, I'd like to bench 315, parallel box squat 405, hit a 185lb hang snatch and dunk from a standstill [again] at 175lbs. I've been as high in bw as a shade under 190, but I was tired all the time and just didn't feel that great until I was warmed up in the weightroom. I have 2 pics in my profile, one is of me at close to 190 and the other is me at 175. I guess technically my 190 was closer to 185, but I'd weigh myself at the gym after a few meals and a shit ton of water just to see the scale tip higher, haha.


nice man, I was just curious. Im the same way with my weight.. I think we're in a similar boat my friend.


^^^Yeah, remember you saying you got up to 220-ish but felt like shit. I had goals of hitting 2-bills, but on top of my body breaking down and feeling like ass at close to 190 I was also getting tired of the amount of food it took just to maintain that higher bodyweight. For my body type it was just way more trouble than it was worth. I'm meant to be a receiver, not a linebacker.


Nice log. Hope you keep posting. Kobe still sucks though.

What exercises do you think transfers the most to jumping? I'm assuming cleaning and snatching...what else?


Haha. Man, I always liked traditional back squats and hang cleans, but after my knee surgery can't do regular squats so switched to box squats. Haven't done a whole lot of snatching, but from what I've read on here the hang power snatch is about the best lift you can do to increase explosiveness, so I'm definitely adding those in. On top of those, i think just getting more comfortable jumping really helps. Not necessarily plyos [don't have much experience with those either], but just playing ball and jumping a lot while you're out there, getting the feel of your approach and take off, things like that. You better off of one foot or two?