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Flash's Big. Strong, and Fast Log

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam rolling, mobility

16-18" grip bench-barx10,95x8,135x6,185x4,225x3,235x3,245x3,255x2+1, 195x10

B1]CG OH cable row-90x10, 175x4x10 [1 sec pause at chest]
B2]DB Inc-80’sx3x8,1x6

C1]DB Shrugs-90’sx4x10 [1 sec pause at top]
C2]Band pulls-4x12

Seated db curls-30’sx8, 35’sx6, 30’sx9

Good workout. Got the 245 much cleaner than last week but absolutely died on 255. If I don’t get it for a triple next week I’m switching to board presses. Not sure if I mentioned this, but I’ve been taking jack3d pre-workout and that shit’s awesome. Doesn’t seem to add any strength but my endurance is through the roof. The scoop is also the size of the thimble from monopoly so you know it’s pretty potent. Cleans, box squats, single leg and ghr’s manana. Y’all be good.

So what’s more pleasurable: training hard in the gym or hitting the club?

[quote]Gettnitdone wrote:
So what’s more pleasurable: training hard in the gym or hitting the club?[/quote]

Haha. Definitely the gym, although I’ve been drinking like a goon here recently. Season starts soon man. This year’s gonna be interesting.

Warm-up]Jump rope, foam rolling, mobility

Hang cleans-barx5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x2,195x2,205x2,215x1,225x1

15"Box squats-barx6,135x6,225x6,275x6,295x6,315x6 [all with pause on box]

DB Split squats with back leg on bench and front leg on step- 25’sx3x8



Good workout. Was absolutely exhausted going in, but started to get loose as I went. The cleans felt good. The box squats made my low back, glutes and hams probably as pumped as anything I’ve ever done. Tried to really go slow and focus on sitting way back, then explode up. The deep split squats felt great on my knees. Gonna do these consistently. Was smoked by the end so cut the ghr’s and calves a set short.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

A1]Weighted nuetral chins-BWx5, +25x5,+50x3x5

A2]DB Military-20’sx10,40’sx10,60’sx8,65’sx8,8,6

B1]DB Bench-45’sx5,90’sx4x10,10,10,8

B2]1-Arm cable row-60x4x10

Bi’s & Tri’s- alot of reps

Good workout. Strength is coming back way quick, which is awesome. Been eating like a madman and drinking water like it’s going out of style and I’m just feeling good all over. Switched to nuetral chins 'cause my right shoulder is pretty sore from an hour of heavy bag work yesterday. Signed up with some friends to do the warrior dash in Austin on Nov.20th, so gonna force myself to do some conditioning stuff on Wed & Sat so I don’t make an ass of myself out there. Deads and such manana. Y’all be good.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

Hang snatch [grip will always be pinky on rings]- barx5,95x2,105x2,115x2,125x2x2

Deads-[overhand grip]135x5,225x5,315x3,[switch grip]365x1,405x1,425x1 [vid]

Db lunges-50’sx8,60’sx2x8

Hypers- a lot of reps with a plate

Abs- some stuff.

Writing this kinda buzzed. Had to head home early due to clients in the morning. Good workout. Feel like I can probably get 445+ on the dead right now, but my back felt pretty janky on the 425 set so called it. Conditioning of some sort manana. Have a vid of the 405 as well but didn’t see the need in putting it up. If anyone has any critiques or comments on my form please let me know-

where is your gym? Just moved back to Houston on the west side of town by westheimer and dairy ashford. Im looking for a gym with the plyo boxes and other equipment so i train as i would like to compete as a sprinter.

I go to FIT off of west gray and waugh. I’ve only been there for 2 or 3 weeks, but I love it. It’s pricey [$70 a month], but it’s awesome.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam rolling, mobility

16-18" grip bench-barx12, 95x8,135x6,185x4,225x3,255x1,275x1,275x1[vid],285xFAIL, 225x6

B1]CG OH Cable rows- 90x8, 180x4x10 [1 sec pause at chest]

B2]DB Inc-85’sx8,8,6,6

C1]Db shrugs-90’sx4x10 [1 sec pause at top]

C2]Band pulls-4x10

Bi’s & Tri’s- 4 sets of lots of reps

Ok workout. My buddy was filming the first single at 275 and when it started to slow down he homo’d out and dropped the camera. I had to do 275 again. I shoulda’ just jumped to 280 or 285 on the second single 'cause by the time I got to 285 I felt pretty tired. Knocked out 6 at 2 plates after. Body weight’s almost exactly 180 in the mornings now. Gonna switch to 2 or 3-board presses for the next 3 or 4 weeks and max again after. Cleans, box squats and such manana. Y’all be good.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

Hang cleans-barx5,95x5,135x5,185x2,195x2,205x2,215x2x2,

Box squats-135x6,225x6,275x6,315x6,325x6[vid]

Front elevated back leg on bench split squat-30’sx3x8


Calves $ Abs

Pretty good workout. The 2nd rep of the 2nd set of hang cleans at 215 was ugly as shit. The weight on the box squats only feels heavy on the way down. I feel like I’m good for 405+ on these. If any body sees anything wrong with my form, please say something. That’s why I’m taking these vids. Said yesterday that I’m gonna switch to 2-boards next workout, but I think I’m gonna spend a couple of months doing percentage based stuff in the 5-8 range to build some muscle and give my body a break from the beating it’s been taking. Also, I’ve never done anything like that so it should lead to some growth. After my workout I went and played soccis [it’s a combo of tennis and soccer on a tennis court with a soccer ball] for about 2 & 1/2 hours. I’m absolutely smoked right now. Y’all be good.

Alright, so my new super scientific program for the next 8 weeks is gonna be an upper/lower split with my main moves being 3 sets of 5 starting at 80% of my max, keeping all sets but the last at least 1 rep short of failure and adding 5lbs the next week when I get all sets at 5. On my first upper day my main moves are bench and cable row, lower is box squat, 2nd upper is incline and weighted pull-ups and 2nd lower is deads. I’ll do assistance work in the 8-15 range after. For the last 2 years or so I haven’t gone any wider than the crease of my thumb touching where the knurling meets the smooth due to shoulder issues. Tonight I went a full thumbs length, and am gonna stick with that for the 8 weeks. Tonight I did-

Warm-up] Foam roll, mobility [no jump rope 'cause I’m really hungover and just didn’t want to]

Inc-barx10, 95x5,135x5,185x5,205x2x5 [Didn’t really know where to start so winged it.]

Flat db bench-50’sx5, 100’sx8, 6 [Called it. Next week I’ll do the 95’s for sets of 8]

Weighted pull-ups-lat pull-90x10, bwx5, +25x3x5

D-handle cable row-165x3x10

Military-125x3x8 [nowhere near failure. Will use 135 next week]

bi’s & tri’s- 3 sets in the 8-12 range

I like this set-up. I can still go fairly heavy [for me] while giving my body a break from the really low reps. Y’all be good.

EDIT: I finished with a scap circuit. Gonna do that at the end of every upper day.

Oh, I forgot to say that the Rockets cheerleaders practice at my gym every Monday and Thursday night, and one of the female trainers is on this months cover of Muscle & Fitness hers. The amount of good looking women at my gym is insane.

Warm-up]Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

Hang snatch [thumbs length from smooth]-barx5,95x2,105x2,115x2,125x2x2

Deads- [Double OH]135x5,225x5,315x3, [switch grip] 355x3x5 [These all flew up. 365 next week]

DB Lunges- 50’sx3x8



Good workout. Think I’m gonna throw 1 back off set at the end of all main moves for 10-12 reps. Was dog tired going in but brought my Ipod to combat the awful techno music the gym plays. In a good training groove at the moment and gonna ride it 'til the wheels fall off. Y’all be good.

Well, disregard everything I said about the % based stuff, at least for now. I really enjoy training with a quasi-WS4SB set-up so I’m gonna stick with it for awhile. I’ll do that other shit later fa sho though.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

Bench-16" grip-barx10,95x8,135x6,185x4,225x2, [add in half foam roller] 225x2,235x2,245x2,255x2,260x2,255x2x2, 185x10 to chest. Saw a vid of these and wanted to try 'em. Let the bar sink in to the foam for a full 1 count before pressing. No sets were to failure. Gonna get 265+ next week.

B1]CG OH Cable rows-90x8, 180x4x10

B2]DB Inc-80’sx3x8 [ Kept my ass glued to the bench for this. Much tougher]

C1]DB Shrugs-80’sx3x12

C2]Band pulls-3x12

Bi’s + Tri’s- 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Good workout. The half foam presses were cool. My shoulder’s been buggin’ so wanted to try 'em, and I dug it. Box squats and such manana. Y’all be good.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

Clean grip power snatch from hang-barx5,95x2,105x2,115x3x2

Deads- [DOH]135x5,225x5, [Switch grip] 315x3x8

DB Lunges-50’sx2x8


Calves & Abs

Pretty good workout. Wanted to do some higher rep stuff on legs and do my heavy stuff on Friday. The sets of 8 on deads were pretty taxing. It works out to about 70% of my max but it’s apparently just a hard exercise to rep with. Each rep is paused on the floor. Finished with about an hour and a half of soccis. Pretty smoked right now. Conditioning manana. Y’all be good.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

A1]Weighted chins- 90lb lat pullx10, bwx5,+45x2x5,+55x5, bwx10 [super easy


B1]DB Bench- 50’sx5, 95’sx3x8,1x7

B2]Wide Hammer grip CR’s-90x10, 135x4x10

Bi’s & Tri’s- 3 xlots of reps

Scap circuit.

Training looks solid man! glad the knee seems to be holding in there better than i thought it would…I be your stronger than you think you are. Just need to let it go brother!

[quote]Alpha wrote:
Training looks solid man! glad the knee seems to be holding in there better than i thought it would…I be your stronger than you think you are. Just need to let it go brother![/quote]

Thanks man. I think the combo of consistent foam rolling/mobility work with box squats, deads and GHR’s as the staple of my lower day has made all the difference. But, I haven’t dunked a ball in probably 2 months so giving them a rest from jumping has I’m sure helped too. You’re probably right bro. My mind [and the drinking way more than I should] seems to be my biggest hurdle. Here lately I’ve just been eating well and focusing on busting my ass in the gym. It seemse to be working.

Warm-up] Jump rope, foam roll, mobility

16" grip Bench-barx10,95x8,135x6,185x4,225x3 [add in half foam roller] 225x3,235x3,245x3,255x3,245x3, 185x12 to chest

B1]CG OH cable rows-90x8, 180x4x10

B2]DB Inc-80’sx3x8

C1]DB Shrugs-80’sx3x12 [long pause at top]

C2]band pulls-3x12

Bi’s & Tri’s- A lot of reps

Good workout. Found out tonight that my gym has chains!!! They’re different though. They fastened to a collar. Picked 'em up and figured they weigh about 25lbs each. Gonna do something with those next cycle, maybe floor press with chains. Gonna do the heavy foam presses for 1 more week then max the following week, then go onto something else. Cleans, box squats and such manana. Y’all be good.

Nice training dude. Also, I may have missed it, but did that deal with the bycicle shop ever work out?