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Flash's Big. Strong, and Fast Log


Well, I've started a couple of different logs here and abandoned them all. Gonna stick to this one. Took the last couple of weeks off due to an infection and a pinched nerve in my left shoulder. Had to take antibiotics for the infection and they sucked the juice outta me. Weight's down to 172lbs in the morning. Goal is 185 by spring time. Probably drink a little more than I should but my diet is pretty solid [for me anyway]. I eat pretty much the same thing day in and day out, but occasionally grab a burger or pizza or something. Basically I enjoy eating "good" food but if I feel like eating something else I will. Here's what a typical day of food is for me-

Breakfast- 6 jumbo egg omlet with spinach and mushrooms, apple, orange

shake-1 scoop casein, 1 scoop whey, banana, 1/2 cup oats, spoonful of natty pb

Lunch- mush [I cook 1.5-2 lbs of 93/7 ground beef, 2 cups brown rice and one big ass can of black or ranch style beans and mix it together. I get 4 servings out of this. I add spinach or broccoli and presto- Awesomeness]


Dinner- big ass piece of salmon and veggies.

I'm a trainer at a large globo gym so my days usually start pretty early. I'm gonna be lifting 4 days a week [M,T,Th,F] and it'll usually be about 2 hrs after lunch [mush meal]. Following a 4 day lower/upper split. Anyway.....

1- jump rope [100 reps] foam roll, dynamic warm-up hang cleans- barx5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x3x5. These felt good. Was worried the shoulder was gonna bug but got all 3 sets of 5 fairly smoothly. 190 next week.

DB Split squats with back foot elevated- 50'sx3x8

GHR's on a seated calf raise-3x10

Standing calves- 3x10

ab circuit

Had one knee surgery a little over a year ago and was diagnosed with severe tendonitis and Osgood Schlatters in the opposite knee. Goals are to get strong as shit, get to and stay a lean 185-195 and regain my speed and hops. Can still dunk a ball fairly easily but can't get it like I used to. On Wednesdays and Saturdays I'll do some kind of conditioning, be it running hill sprints, working the heavy bag, swimming, whatever. I'll see y'all manana.


Forgot to mention that Mario Williams was in my gym tonight. This is the 2nd time I've seen him there. He's not near as thick as you'd expect. He also did nothing but pec deck, free motion laterals and machine abs from what I saw tonight. Wouldn't normally be up this late on a weekday but a good buddy of mine's bar had a thing and went and had a few drinks. That is also not normal for weekdays. Don't have to be at work 'til 7am though so that's cool.


That's a little disappointing, you'd think the Texans S&C staff would educate their players a bit better.


I was thinking maybe he was rehabbing, getting in a "feeder" workout or was just doing some maintenance stuff. You'd imagine a guy with his pedegree has been under a heavy barbell or two.


Jumprope 100 reps, foam roll, mobility

Bench[18" grip]-barx10,95x8,135x6,185x4,205x3,225x3,230x3,235x2+1 slow negative.

Inc db's-70'sx9,8,8 + inverted rows with feet elevated-4x10

Scarecrows-2x10 + db's laterals-2x10

Was running out of time due to work. My left shoulder is not as healed as I thought. Tried one set of curls but my left arm was basically numb and worthless, so called it after 2 reps. I'm a lot weaker from where I left off, but that's cool. It'll come back. Before the setbacks I was benching 255 for 5 and inclining the 90lb db's for sets of 8. I'd like to be back there asap. Gonna take as long as needed off from doing curls until my shoulder feels ok. Oh yeah, Mario Williams was in there again. Steve Slaton comes in every now and again as well 'cause his wife works with one of the trainers.


I had posted in the off topic forum awhile back that I was starting up my own gym in my buddys metal fabrication warehouse. I had to shut it down last month due to the landlord selling the place, so my equipment has been in storage for awhile. This afternoon I had lunch with another buddy and he told me about a craigslist add he had seen where a guy who runs a bike shop [bicycle] was leasing space to personal trainers. Long story short I went and checked it out and it's perfect. It's 1,200sq ft in a great area with a 5,000 sq ft "yard" to do all kinds of conditioning shit on. We're still in the super formative stages but I'm hoping like no other that I can get this place while slowly getting away from the globo gym and eventually being my own fucking boss.


Realized tonight that regular squats may be out of my fitness toolbox for a long time. With my knee's being the way they are I just kept pressing through and nothing was getting better, and my poundages weren't really progressing due to the pain and swelling. Having to take the last few weeks off made my knees feel a bit better, and one set with an empty bar aggrevated the fuck out of them.

So, I tried box squats REALLY focusing on sitting back, feeling the stretch in my hams and popping up with no pause. I only worked up to 255 for 5 'cause my shoulder still hurts like hell and I haven't done any legs in about a month, but there was almost no knee pain and I feel like I can progress on these quickly. I will not compromise form for weight though. I need to train much smarter with all of my dumbass, mostly self inflicted injuries. I played ball for a little over an hour before hand, so after the squats I did some ghr's and calves and called it. Next week will be much more structured.


Sorry I haven't been posting. It's a long story, and despite it's length it's not that interesting. Anyway, this is what happened tonight-

Jump rope -200 reps, mobility [rollover into v-sits, 1 legged iron crosses, prone scorpions, fire hydrants all x5, scap push-ups, scap wall slides, neck pulls all x12]

Bench- 16-18" grip-barx8,95x8,135x6,185x4,225x3,235x3,240x3,245x3, 185x10 [75% of 245, not to failure, really focusing on form and feeling the move]

B1] close crip over hand cable row-90x10, 165x4x10

B2]High Inc db- 75'sx8,8,7

C1]Db shrugs [1 sec pause at top]- 80'sx10, 90'sx10, 80'sx10

C2]Band pull aparts-3x12

Bi's- few different things.

Getting over the pinched nerve in my left shoulder. Strength is coming back but my left bicep is still damn weak. Last thing I did was seated curls with the 30's, which is really gay. Oh well, I'll be aight. Explosive lower manana.


Warm-up- Jump rope, mobility stuff

Hang cleans- barx5, 95x5, 135x5, 185x2, 195x2, 205x3x2 [all "easy" and really fast]

Ste-ups on 15" box- 50lb dbsx3x10


standing calves on hack squat-4 platesx3x8 [3 sec pause each way]

High rep ab circuit x3 sets

10 min on bike.

Good workout. Didn't know how the cleans were gonna go with my shoulder, but I was just being a girl. My shoulder's damn near 100%. Not sure where I'm at but pretty sure I can get 225 for a duece. The step-ups were fairly easy weight wise, but my forearms felt like they were gonna explode. Got to talking to this broad that does fitness comps and got her number. She's pretty sexy. We're gonna grab a drink this weekend. I'll let y'all know what her butt smells like.


Was gonna do some conditioning today but my only real available time was taken up by an STD test. Oh well. Gonna do some sprints on Saturday fa sho. To make up for my lack of conditioning today, I'll leave y'all with-


i LOVE STD tests!


Haha. Dude, I hadn't had one in about two years. I'm happy to report that they no longer jam cotton-swab-covered-paperclips into your pee hole to test for stuff. Now they just take a urinalysis sample. Wonder why they didn't think of that before? Brilliant!!!


if this be the case, i retract my earlier statement...


Hahaha. Don't ask me why, but I read that in a pirates voice. And I liked it...


Warm-up] jump rope, foam roll, mobility stuff

A1]Wide grip weighted pull-ups-bwx5,bwx5,+25x5,+35x3x5

A2]Seated db military-25'sx10,40'sx10,50'sx8,60'sx3x8

B1]Db bench-45'sx5, 90'sx8,7,7,6

B2]D-handle cable row-150x4x10 [1 sec pause at contraction]

C1]Cable pushdowns-100x12,120x12,10x12, triple drop-160x6,130x6,100x6

C2]Alt db curl-30'sx10,35'sx2x8, straight bar 21's with 50lbs

Said yesterday that my shoulder's close to 100%. That was a little optimistic. I'd say realistically it's closer to 85%, but it's getting better daily and certain things aggrevate it more than others. The db shoulder presses weren't too bad, but was expecting at least sets of 10-12 with the 90's on the db bench. It wasn't fatigue, it was stability in my shoulder. My right arm was ready to keep going but ol' lefty kept crappin' out. Strangely, it felt more stable by the 3rd set. No worries. I liked doing shoulders first, basically 'cause I hardly ever do shoulders and they're a definite weak point. Plan on getting sets of 8 with the 65's next week on shoulders and sets of at least 8-10 on the db bench with the 9-0's afterwards.


Warm-up] foam rolling, mobility [no jump rope 'cause I was lazy]

15" Box squat-barx5,135x5,185x5,225x5,275x5,315x5,335x2x5,255x10 [255 is basically 75% of 335]

Db lunges-50'sx8, 60'sx8, 65'sx8


Seated calves-3x6

The box squats are pretty easy. But, I didn't pause on all heavy sets and am getting a little bounce off the box. Paused at the 250 set and it was significantly harder. Gonna pause from here on out as it makes me focus on sitting back and feeling it in my hams and hips. I feel these in my hips more than anything, but feel the ham stretch as I descend. The db lunges are fairly easy, but again my forearms light up. Alright, I gotta go meet this broad [not the fitness chick, that's manana] for some drinks. Y'all be good.


Warm-up] Jump rope, foam rolling, mobility stuff

Bench-16"-18" grip-95x8,135x6,185x4,225x3,235x3,245x3,255x2+1,190x10

B1]CG OH cable row [1 sec pause at contraction]-90x10, 165x10, 172.5x3x10

B2]Db inc- 80'sx8,6,7,6 [ shoulder got funky during 2nd set]

C1]Db shrugs-80'sx10,85'sx3x10 [1 sec pause at top]

c2] band pulls-4x12

Seated db curls- 30'sx10, 7, 6

Drank way too much this weekend. Despite that it was a good workout. Gonna do sets of 6-8 as a sup pressing excersise on ME upper day. When I get all sets at 8 I'll jump it up. Gonna stick with todays setup 'til I don't progress 2 workouts in a row then switch it up. Explosive lower manana.


Warm-up] Jump rope, foam rolling, mobility stuff

Hang cleans-barx5,95x5,135x5,185x2,195x2,205x2,210x2x2

DB STep-ups on 15" box- 50'sx8,60'sx2x8



Core circuit- obliques, abs, low back- 3x12's

Good workout. Was gonna do some box jumps or something but forgot my patella straps. I literally do no running or jumping without them now. Gonna do some conditioning manana. I'll keep y'all posted.


Warm-up]- Jump rope, mobility stuff. No foam rolling. The room I was warming up in didn't have one and I didn't feel like going and getting it.

A1]Weighted Pull-ups- lat pull-90x10, bwx5, +25x5, +35x3x5

A2]DB Military-20'sx10,40'sx10,60'sx4x8

B1]DB Bench- 45'sx5, 90'sx4x8

B2]1-Arm cable row-75'sx4x10

C1]Tri pd's-100x12,120x12,140x12, drop 160x8,130x8,100x8

C2]1-Arm db preacher-30'sx3x12, cable 21's

Good workout. Everything was progress from last week. The preacher curls were nowhere near failure with my right arm, but I had to help halfway through on my left on every set. For some reason the pinched nerve jacked with my left bicep more than anything, or at least that's what's been lingering. Went lower with the db militarys. The db bench felt way better. Gonna get all 4 sets at 10 next week, then jump it to 9-5's the following. This is all strength I'm rebuilding, but it feels good to be making progress. Heavy lower manana. I'm thinking about doing deads on Heavy days and throwing box squats in for sets of 6-8 after my cleans on explosive days. We'll see how I feel manana. Y'all be good.


Warm-up] Jump rope, foam rolling, mobility stuff

Hang snatch-barx5, 95x2,105x2,115x3x2

Deads-[overhand]135x5,225x5,315x3, [switch grip]345x3,365x3,385x1,405x1

DB Lunges- 50'sx8. 60'sx2x8

GHR's- 3x8

Seated calves- 3x8 with 3 sec pause each way.

Good workout. My stance on deads is just inside of shoulder width. That was my preferred stance for squats before the knee surgery as well. Hopefully by hammering the box squats and everything else I can get my knees right and go back. If not, oh well. The 405x1 was heavy, but I had more in me. Think the most I've ever done is 405x3. Oh yeah, I pause each rep on the floor. Think I'm gonna bite the bullet and upgrade my Iphone to the one with the camera. I need to start recording my lifts for feedback. Gonna go check it out manana. My weight's climbing up on the scale and in the gym, so I'm doing something right. I switched my diet a bit. Here's how it looks now-

1] 4 jumbo eggs, bell peppers, 3 strips bacon, 1 cup oatmeal, apple
2]shake-1 scoop casein, scoop whey, 1/2 cup oats, banana, big spoonful pb
4]shake, or if post workout whole grain pasta and steak
5]shake [minus the oats] or meat and veggies

I stick to that probably 80%-90% of the time. Gonna try and play some ball or do some conditioning or something manana. Y'all be good.