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Flashback's Log



17 years old
Looking to get bigger

Current lifts (All lifts have been done; not from calculator)
Bench Press: NA
Floor Press: 225x2
DB Bench Press: 95'sx4
Military Press: NA
DB Shoulder Press: 80'sx5
Deadlift: NA
Clean: 165x1
Squat: 300x2

Aug 3

Lats, bi's, abs

Basically copied the workout that Thibs did a couple days ago

Complex 1:
Kayak rows: 70-80lbs
KB Curl: 20lbs
Done 4 times

Complex 2:
Straight arm rope pulldown: 60-70lbs
Kneeling rope pulldowns: Same Weight
Rope rows: Same Weight
KB curls: 20lbs
Done 4-5 times

Complex 3:
Face pulls: 30-40lbs
Lat Pulldowns: 80-90lbs
KB Curls: 20lbs
Done 5 times

Finished off with some direct bi work here (Cables, KB's, etc.)
Also copied the abs work from Thibs as well.

Good sesh


Aug 4

Shoulders and abs

Top half press from pins: 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5, 205x4
DB Shoulder Press: 75's x3/3/3 80's x3/3/3 85's x3/4/2 PR

Mechanical dropset:
A1. Standing DB Press: 45's x6-8
A2. Standing Push press: same weight for max reps
A3. Seated DB Press: Same Weight for max reps
Done 3 times

A1. One arm alternating KB Press
A2. Alternating KB Lateral raises

Finished with some ab work


Aug 5

Bi's, Tri's and Traps

A1. Hammer Curl
A2. Straight Bar Pushdown
A3. Shrug (2 sec hold)

B1. Hammer Curl
B2. KB Curl (Supine grip)
B3. Straight Bar Pushdown
B4. Floor DB Extensions
B5. Jump Shrugs
B6. Light DB Shrugs (High reps)

C1. Band Curls
C2. Cable Curls (the one where the contraction position is a double bi pose.)

I didn't really stress over sets reps and weight I just did it until I couldnt do it anymore.


Hip dominant

Warm up with leg curls

A1. Stiff Leg Deadlift
A2. KB Swings
A3. Broad jumps

I stopped after three rounds and went home; something just wasn't right today. Super pissed... oh well there's always next workout.


August 7

Only have four more workouts until I go on vacation... make em count


Workout one

Floor Press: 135x5, 155x5, 175x5, 195x5, 205x3, 215x3, 225x2,
DB Press: 95's x3/3/3/4/4
Incline DB Press: 60's x10/8/8

Going back later for isolation work

Workout two

Mechanical Dropset
Close/wide/reg grip bench: 135lbs for 3 rounds

4 sets of flyes: up to 145lbs
4 sets of incling smith press: up to 140lbs


August 8

Lats, Biceps and Abs

With all the Lat exercises I did a bicep movement with it, in addition to the ones at the end. All movements had a 2 sec squeeze.

Kayak rows: Ramp from 40lbs to 90lbs
4 sets

Mechanical dropset
Straight arm rope pulldown: 60-70lbs
Kneeling rope pulldowns: Same Weight
Rope rows: Same Weight
I think I did 4-5 rounds

Lat pulldowns: Ramp up to 110lbs

Did some biceps work: Rope curls, reverse curls, cable preachers, high cable curls, KB curls.
Finished off with abs


August 9

This was a different session; less volume more "pump"

DB press: 30x8, 45x8, 60x8, 70x8, 80x6, 85x5
Lateral raise Dropsets: 25's, 15's, 5's max reps three sets
Thib's cable raise mechanical dropset: 2 sets

That was it; my shoulders started to act up (nagging injury)

I'm going to shut down any upper body pressing until after I get back from my trip.


August 10


Quarter squats from pins: Ramped up to 315
Squats: 335x5, 255x5, 275x5, 285x3, 300x2, 305x1

Squats (Super Deep; heels on plates): 185x5/5/5
KB Jump Squats (Height): 30-40lbsx 5/5/5
Jump Squats (Speed): 10/10/10

Finished off with the groin machine thing (Abductor or adductor; forget which one)


August 11

Did an arm workout for da pump. Nothing special.


Weighed in at 180 today. Wtf!

Going for a recomp when I get home. hopefully by the end of three to six months I'll be a lean 170


Alrighty back home, decided to go for my first 531 cycle. The problem is that there is a lot of chaos for the next 5-10 days becuase family is over.

Instead of Bench, Squat, Deads and OHP I'm doing Floor press, DB Shoulder press, Sumo Deads, and Squat.

Stats (90% of 1rm)

OH Press:150


5/3/1 Week one Bench

Floor press:
175x15 (PR)

DB Press
90x7 (PR) with a spot

Mechanical Drop set
Db PRess lowering the incline
Used 50's to failure.

Finished with some arm work


August 24

Lats and triceps

Did the same workout as all the other ones

Finished with tricep work


5/3/1 Week One Squat

Ramped up to:
240x12 (PR)

Then did some leg Extensions; Ramped up to 250lbs

After I did the machine that works/stretches the groin.


5/3/1 Week One Shoulders

DB Shoulder press

Ramped to:

65x17 (PR)

Pin Press

3 sets of lateral raise drop sets

Finished off some biceps.


5/3/1 Week one Deadlifts

Sumo DL from Bottom Pins

Ramped up to:

(Taking it easy; first time doing them in a year)

3 supersets between heavy and light shrugs


5/3/1 Week Two Bench

Floor Press

Ramped to:
185x12 (PR)

DB Bench

High incline Bench/ Low incline bench/ Flat bench tri sets
2 sets AMAP with 50's

Finished with bicep work

Pecs feel much better without any fly movement in the routine. However, there is noticably less volume. I'll let it play out for a couple more weeks and see if any adjustments should be made.


Couple Days ago I did and arm workout.

Yesterday was a rest day.

5/3/1 Week two Squat


Ramped to:
255x10 (PR)

For assistance work I did Hip belt squats and leg extensions.


Had to skip yesterdays sesh on account of family leaving for Dubai.

5/3/1 week two Shoulders

Db Press:

ramped to

70x13 (PR)

Pin press:
215x1 (PR)

Triple set: Standing DB military press/ to push press/ seated press with same weight
40's/45's/45's x AMAP

3 sets of lateral raise drop sets


5/3/1 week two Deadlifts (With Lats)

Ramped to


Trap Work

Heavy Shrug superset with light shrug (DB's)
3 sets

Kayak rows
4 sets

Straight Arm rope pulldown/ Kneeling bent arm rope pulldown/ rope row
3 sets

Iso cable lat pulldown/ Traditional Lat pulldown
3 sets