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flash website

  All you computer geeks... (y'know i'm kidding right?), I'm trying to make a cool flash website. I managed to make a simple one with dreamweaver before, but I dont know that much about websites - and heard flash can be pretty complicated. So, (Patricia...?), I already managed to learn how to make neat buttons with flash, and animations. But I cant really control the size of the page on flash. Do I need to just export the individual flash parts to an html editor - or can I make the WHOLE website on flash? I'm using flash 5.0 by the way. I know this is a complicated question, but I'd really apreaciate it if you'd give me some tips. Especially Patricia. Thanx!!!

hey man it’s easy as pie.
If you can do buttons and flash scripting you’ve got it made. Basically it involves making keyframes for the buttons to go to, in this case they will be new pages. However you must stop the animation from continuing to go, that means use a stop action in the keyframe.

If you’re wondering how to make little animations, it’s simply preconstructed movie clips that you build in flash and then import into the main page.

 I do know how to make animations, make objects move, make them fade, change color and shape, I know how to use layers, and I know how to make buttons. My problems are mostly 1) I dont know shit about actionscript. I know the stop command which is the simplest one, and the goto. Oh, and the mouse event one. However, thats about it! I wanna make my website the coolest around. 
 Also, with html editors such as dreamweaver from macromedia, you can use tables or frames, and the window stays proportioned regardless of wether you shrink the window, or stretch it. In flash we dont have frames or tables....

 Also, I saw a really cool website for a powerhouse gym website, where you have a row of links that move right or left according to the position of the mouse, and that disappear off the page to let others show up on the other side of the page.
 I know the program is pretty simple, but y'know, I wanna make a rockin website, and I dont know any script at all. It's just confusing...

 If anyone can help me I'll give it to you, you must be some sorta genius! Thanx!