'Flash Mob' Attack, Survival Tips?

‘Flash Mob’ of 150 Teens Attacks Temple University Students, Cops in Philly

This event got zero media attention, and yet that issue alone is a political and world issue.

Here is the link to the story - https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2016/10/26/flash-mob-of-150-teens-attacks-temple-university-students-cops-in-philly/

My concern is protecting my family if we were to ever be in a situation where my family’s safety becomes my direct concern. I presume the defense would be the same, whether I was with my family or if I were alone, walking the street.

I carry a gun with me, wherever I go. Unless I am going through metal detectors, I carry. However a gun is limited in the number of rounds and very direct, meaning I can only defend against one attacker at a time. I also carry a Spyderco Civilian and after purchasing the sharpener, the knife should easily go through an elk hide. This year I didn’t draw, so no elk for me ;’ (

A knife seems like the best option because I can attack multiple threats at the same time with one strike. I signed up for a new training system that is supposed to be a Krav Maga hybrid with weapons, defending and attacking. I am hopeful but I want to visualize what I need to do if I ever, GOD forbid find myself in a situation where I need to not only defend those who depend on me, but intentionally take the life of another human being.

Thoughts and advice are welcome.

Be well and GOD Bless with Charity

IMO the dynamic changes if you’re by yourself, with other armed/trained people on the same page as you or with untrained/unarmed people under your protection.

With regards to your family, my best advice would be to have a few different rough game plans that they’re aware of as well as some simple, rehearsed commands to execute those plans. “Stay”, “Go”, “Move”, “Hide”, “Door” etc.

As always, it mostly comes down to situational awareness. If you find yourself needing to slash your way through a flash mob with an edc knife, you have quite likely made one or more avoidable errors. The story talks about groups of youths breaking off to attack random pedestrians. If I’m out for a stroll with my family and 150+ youth mob up in the middle of the street, I’m going to suddenly develop a very keen interest in being somewhere else.

Sounds basic, but people are drawn to general hubub and when things get nasty they all too often just stand around gawking or taking video on their phones. Ridiculous, yes, but true. There’s just no way thay 150 rowdy teens ambush you if you are even remotely switched on. Be aware of your exits/escape routes, positions of cover, choke points etc. wherever you go. If you start looking when SHTF, it’s too late. Be aware of where most people will stampede to and have another plan. A firearm is a great tool, but your mind is the weapon.

Be safe.

I CC, but am seriously considering getting a large can of pepper spray for the truck. I figure the individuals that make up mobs like this are only bold because of their numbers. If they see 1 or 2 get some OC to the eye, they will likely back off. I may also switch from CC to open carry. I seriously doubt they would risk serious injury or death to mess with someone who has done them no harm.

Im wanting to study this krav method, knowing 10 defense techniques and knowing well the key i believe. I was a correction officer for a while and what the killers told me was, the first time you stab some one you don’t realize knife slips out of hand when it gets bloody, and end up cutting your own hand. My dad has his whole family wife , my step sisters their husbands, practice shooting, and they have all permit to carry. You can’t give a 10 year old a gun but you can give them bear mace , and show how to use it . My 10 year old nephew, knows how gun work safety and how to use .

Some good information in the “Active Shooter” thread.

Some thoughts I wrote previously concerning protecting your family. This applies to an active shooter, but, the general guidelines will apply to mobs:


Being alone during an attack and your response will basically come down to the fight or flight reflex. IMHO, what you will do, will be based on your psychological mindset, your training, your experience with violence, your profession. Be honest with yourself and your abilities to combat violence, experience has taught me that men have a tendency to overestimate their combat abilities and usually just die on the scene. I don’t know what yours are, but, decide what you are going to do, before you arrive at the venue. In the middle of the attack is no time to be making the decision.


Unless you are trapped and facing death, this decision is already made for you. You must get your family off the “X” and out of the primary attack zone. There should be no attempt at heroics when the ones you love are counting on you to provide leadership. As Mapwrap already discussed, know what you are going to do, where to take the family, running to the nearest store in a mall and finding the back door is excellent advice.

Often, terrorists on a major attack will place shooters at the main exits and kill as many as they can as they run out. Know where all the exits are, take the time to drive or walk around your venue, learn where the exit doors are, where the service entrances are, where the security kiosks or police substations are, where the exit roads are, where are the bottlenecks that a VBIED could be parked.

Spouse and Children:

As much as I would like to assume your spouse is highly trained (man or woman) the odds are they are not, so, it is up to you to develop a basic plan. Have a quiet, serious talk and go over some basic strategy, Outline the need to be situationally aware, inform them what can happen and stress that they are also responsible for helping survive an attack. I know its common for families to go shopping and split up, each going to their own preferred venue, but, during the holidays, that is a major tactical mistake.

You don’t want to have some family member on one end of the mall and you on the other, if an attack occurs. Stay together, stay close. If you have children with you, one of you must be the primary protector, it is simply too distracting to watch the kids and scan for an attack at the same time.

Having small children is a dynamic all its own, I know. I once was part of a team that was providing security for a Coca-Cola executive and his family below the border and trying to run with a screaming 4 year old under your arm and returning fire with one hand is for the movies. Decide who carries the child and who looks for exits, who will take point, and who will not. Your spouse must recognize the threat and be able to function in a terrifying situation. Teach basic commands in a loud voice. Get the kids, get Tommy, grab my belt, run to the back of the store, etc.

Simple commands, they work, because they are simple. Have a shopping schedule and stick to it. Know the stores you want to visit, go there, do what you need to do and then leave. Try to arrange for visits during non-peak times. When the mall first opens at 1000 is much safer than 1900, remember terrorists use the maximum amount of destruction for the maximum amount of media coverage. I occasionally have to go to the Afghan government palace and I don’t go there after 1400, which is prime hit time here.

1.Attack Dynamics:

Talk to your spouse about a possible attack and the ramifications of being caught up in the situation. The noise will be loud, especially if they detonate a suicide vest first to soften up the guards/resistance or create mass panic which leads to easy targets. Try to make your spouse understand that people will be screaming and dying, and, if they have never experienced this type of violence, will probably go catatonic. This is a natural reaction that you must stop immediately, either by verbal commands or simply slapping the shit out of them.

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What happens if you do seriously injure/kill one of them and that REALLY pisses them off, to the point that they decide to just straight-out kill you and your family?

I get the point of being armed for home defense/in a situation where you have some degree of control.

I very much doubt you’ll have any real degree of control when confronted by a mob.

A freind of mine works in state capital for governor, he works talks with several people from several law enforcement agencies. Anyway they are gearing up for if Trump wins election, as the BLM movement has made threats of riots just like Ferguson.

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