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Flash! Ah-ah!


Because it kicks ass and a new Flash mini series is scheduled.

Yes, I`m a TV junkie.

Hard to get a TV inside your veins though.


Are you familiar with: http://tvlinks.co.uk/ ?

I recently got a script to access it from my xbox media center (so I can watch it on my living room TV), and that site rocks. Tons of TV shows from all over the world, available anytime.

Image and sound are sometimes sucky, and some shows vanish, making the URLs outdated, but I think something like this is a glimpse of the future of TV.


Is there any way the new Flash Gordon show can be any good?

How amazing is Queen to make even a cheesy song like that cool?


I would have said the same thing about a Battlestar Galactica remake. Battlestar Galactica was a cheesy 70s TV show (kind of like Flash Gordon is a cheesy 80s movie) that was transformed into a dark, gritty exploration of human nature.

If the folks at SciFi turned Galactica into one of the most cerebral shows on TV, they are certainly capable of making a worthwhile Flash Gordon series.