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Flaring Elbows During Close-Grip Bench


If you flare your elbows during close grip barbell bench does it still work just the triceps. If not, what other muscles are recruited. Which method works better for tricep development.


Close-grip never only works the triceps. Its focus is the triceps but the chest, lats, and shoulders are still all involved to a degree... just like a regular flat-benchpress.


I wouldn't recommend flaring elbows in the lower portion of the bench or close grip bench because it can hurt your shoulders.


Try it and see if it works for you.



This, x a trillion.


Do it with a reverse grip. You will find it very hard to flare your elbows (unless you can bend the bar) and will get a better recruitment of the triceps.



I can feel a CGBP well in my triceps when I tuck on the way down and let them flare on the way up. I put up bigger numbers iwth a moderate tuck but emphasizing the flare hits my tricpes hard.

PS. Keep those shoulder blades tight and down.


Let your arms move naturally. As you learn more about your body you can tinker with changing your form.


I'd save elbow flaring for other exercises more suited to it, such as push downs. Hands close together (elbows flared) or hands wide apart (elbows tucked) certainly has an effect on area of triceps hit.


Path of motion will depend partly on how narrow your hand spacing is, and how long your arms are.

  1. Find a performance style that doesn't hurt your wrists or elbows (or shoulders) first and foremost.
  2. Go heavy
  3. ?????
  4. GAINZ


OP how far apart do you have your hands when you close grip press


I have my hands just far enough apart so they can come straight down to my sides, but when I increase the weight my elbow start to flare out.


That sounds OK based on that description alone. A video would always provide for a more thorough critique


How narrow do you suggest going on CGBP Bonez? Iv seen people with like 2 inches between their two hands, but Iv always done my Close Grips at shoulder width, maybe a tiiiiny bit closer (my "normal" bench is fairly wide, pinky fingers on the rings)