Flappinit's Log: Home Gym Edition

Are you using any kind of strategy to break up the 100 or just working through them ?

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When I get really tired, 5s.

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Have you tried just slowing the whole pace but keeping it even, like one every 8 seconds ? Other option is to try and go unbroken for as many as you can (not sprinting through still even pace) and then go to 10’s or 5’s after.

Yeah, I was thinking about that - right now I’m averaging one every 9 seconds - one every 8 would shave a minute off

A lot of guys will jog a couple of steps on the spot, or knee strike each side or stomach strike. This helps to slow down the pace and keep it even. Could be worth a try.

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Set a tabata timer for every 8 second and kept pace.

13:33 for 100 burpees today. Zero complaints from the shoulder.

Edit: Was 13:20, sorry - converted .33 minutes to 33 seconds


Sounds awesome.

I’m doing okay. Been better. But I’ve also been worse, haha. Trying to keep that in mind. I haven’t trained seriously in a long time, and tell myself daily that the longer I put off getting back into it the harder it’ll be to rebuild, but have just been lacking the discipline to make it happen. Even though I know it’ll bring nothing but good into my life (better physical health, probably improved mental health, etc.) I’ve just been feeling like I’ve got about 10 other things that I should focus on instead of working out. We’ll get there though.

Your food always looks good, and recent posts have been giving me some inspiration. I’ve always struggled to find a good balance between eating “healthy” but also not hating every bite I put into my mouth, haha. Continuing to learn how to navigate the kitchen (on a budget) is one of the things I’m working on these days.

I’ll graduate next year and am planning on going back for my Master’s, so I’ve still got some years left in school. Despite feeling like I need to be earning more money, I don’t mind the student life in that it allows for a lot of time with my son, who’s doing great. He’s perfectly healthy, which is all I can ask for. It’s really fun to watch him become his own person. Definitely have zero regrets regarding becoming a parent. Thanks for asking!


There you go, nice work.

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After work:

200 inverted rows (lowered rings way down and put feet on wedge, worked nicely)
200 pushups
10 min jump rope

Now pressure cooker beef & broccoli (added mushrooms too) and a bit of rice, sriracha on top.


I’m positive you can navigate this on your own, but I’m happy to brainstorm some budget recipes with you if you don’t feel like going through the thousands of hours of trial and error that I went through to hone in on stuff I generally like.

Sweet, do it now!

Yup, best rash, impulsive, irresponsible decision I ever made was having kids before I could afford them. Pretty dumb way to find out if I was man enough to switch up my priorities and get my act together but it worked for me.

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Saw these and had to get 'em.


Outstanding man! They’re pretty delicious. Too easy to overeat, haha, but thankfully mostly pure protein.

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These are pretty sweet too:

Very decent macro breakdown:

8g protein, 4.5 g fat, 0 carbs, 0 sugar, 70 cal per serving, etc.


Hah! I JUST bought some pork rinds today too! Great minds. I’m thinking of using them in some meatballs, and to make some nachos.


Wife wanted dessert:

Greek nonfat plain yogurt, PB fit, tiny bit of honey, heaping scoop of chocolate whey, mixed together well and stuck in the freezer for a couple of hours - protein ice cream.


Oh man, meatballs and nachos are great ideas for them.

Considering how insanely crunchy they are I’ve been considering crushing them and breading chicken tenders with them to be air fried. It would also be pretty metal to use pork rinds to coat boneless skinless pork chops and air fry them - some sauerkraut on the side maybe.


They are a fantastic breading substitute from all reports I have seen. Should work well


Looking forward to seeing how this works out!

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What a day.

Slept in, woke up and had some coffee and stretched / loosened up hips, then got into a workout.

Used my new DB handle:

Thing is very sturdy. 14 pounds, fits 2" plates, got some nice clamps too.

Suitcase Deadlift to Clean and Press
34# 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 each arm
44# 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 each arm X 3 sets
34# 10 each arm

Then went to the end of my cul-de-sac with some gardener gloves on.
Touch toes, walk hands out to push-up position, push-up, explode to standing, 2 lunges.

Did that for a quarter mile, up the hill to the corner of the main road.

Probably took me a half hour, really couldn’t tell you. Didn’t have headphones in for it or anything since I didn’t want to crush my phone in my pocket and my kids were riding bikes on the street around me. Miserable, but effective and got me sweating and exhausted.

2 egg white wraps, plain nonfat yogurt, 3 eggs, shredded cheddar, turkey bacon.

Ate one and it was delicious but I realized what I was missing:

Half an avocado and habanero hot sauce, of course.

Delicious, low carb, filling, blah blah blah it was amazing and I’m in a great mood.


Also, weight was nearly 230 a month ago.

Weighed in at 220 this morning, visibly leaner.

Going to drop to 200.